Davidoff Cool Water Review: Still Got It

Cool water perfume

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume For Men

Coolwater Davidoff perfume, to say it with Luca Turin’s words “belongs to the category of things done right the first time” (Perfumes: The A-Z Guide ).  In 2003 it was still at number 13 of the best sellers for men in the US (source The Perfect Scent: by Chandler Burr). Not too bad for a perfume created in 1988, huh?


The generous dose of lavender in the opening reminds me of the 4711 cologne that used to sit on my parents’ bedroom dresser. Then, for a short while, perfume Cool Water gets metallic (imagine having a spoonful of aromatic water and then sucking the spoon), but after half an hour it shifts into aquatic floral mode, and masculine flowers start to develop, alongside the fresh water and the cleanness of lavender.


There is a specific molecule responsible for this, called dihydromyrcenol, which is also used in many detergents. It was first introduced by Paco Rabanne Pour Homme in 1973, then brought to new levels in Drakkar Noir (1982) – 10%, of the total – and then overdosed in Cool Water cologne, where the perfumer Pierre Bourdon stuffed a 20% (again, Burr’s book here).


And as it matures, this Cool Water cologne gets warmer and grows a pair, thanks to amber. The base is supposed to have also cedar wood, musk, and tobacco, but what I really smell there is amber, lovely amber. Half of its personality is just there.


If you’ve read so far you probably got it: I loved IT, probably because I’m part of the lucky ones who waited until now to smell it for the first time, so I’m not getting the great-perfume-but-it’s-2011-let’s-move-on-please effect. It manages to bring together many opposites: it’s simple and deep, fresh and warm, young and mature. Davidoff Cool Water is a smart perfume. And yes, it’s from the eighties, so what? So is Tom Selleck, but women still love him.


And here is a comparison of Cool Water vs…

Drakkar Noir

Both come from the clean era, but with different personalities

Cool Water is fresh with the sea water
Drakkar Noir is dry like a stone

CW has an extroverted personality. Classic,but loud.
DN is introverted. Also classic but with a lower tone.

CW is flamboyant in its attitude
DN is low profile

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