Dahlia Noir By Givenchy Perfume Review: You Had Me At Hello

Finally, a dense feminine floral I can get along with.


Givenchy Dahlia Noir has mimosa in it, and although I don’t know it that well (this is my second encounter, after Un Fleur de Cassie), I think it would truly deserve to be among the hot-shots of floraldom. It makes me think of yellow, the color of its blossom (the actual flower is red), and it’s fresh and fruity, but in a very light, non-fruity, non-floral way.


It’s not all spring though, in Dahlia Noir, there is a denser floral side, also thanks to rose, which his like white noise in the background. And pepper as well, with a warm a dirtiness, which gets a metallic and bitter at times, but that’s forgivable.


Overall, this fragrance is delicate, slightly damp, like a spring day right after the rain. In other words, I loved Dahlia Noir fragrance: it manages to be sophisticated with a simple recipe, and won’t give in to easy full-blown dense florals, nor sweet, nor fruity notes.  Mimosa has the soul of spring in it, and spring is the best season to wear it. In the end it will get more conventional with vanilla notes, still mixed with the florals. But at this point it already had me, it had me at hello.


Dahlia Noir Perfume Reviews

Dahlia Noir Perfume Reviews