Clinique Happy For Men Review: C’mon You Wuss!

Clinique Happy For Men Review

Happy For Men by Clinique Review

The bottle of Clinique Happy Perfume comes in a splash version, which means there is no spray, but a hole, and you’re supposed to turn it upside down on your hand and then applying it on the skin. It is normally used for light perfumes (like this one), where an over-application won’t do much harm and will even be recommended.


Nonetheless, if I was the minister for the perfume bottles, I would get rid of splash tops altogether. If nothing else, because when someone wants to test it on a blotter in a perfume shop, no matter how generous the SA is, the quantity will never be enough, especially with perfume Happy Men: the weakest and most evanescent fragrance for men I ever tried.


The start is with citrus notes (what else could it be), although it feels clean rather than fresh. I don’t know if it’s the same feeling of plastic of Happy for women, but the result is quite close to those wet tissues they give you in the airplanes or at the restaurant, after you’ve eaten seafood with your hands. Which smells nice, but also kinda cheap. Is it the ultimate trick of the perfumer? Using expensive materials to create cheap smells? Anyway, the fragrance becomes fruitier as it evolves, with the likely intervention of soft florals as well. Again, it’s less sparkling than clean.


The final is woody and musky, or so I’ve read. After only five hours, it was completely gone from the blotter. Bring a gallon tank of it with you, if you want to smell of something.


Clinic Happy for men is not unpleasant, quite the opposite but, I mean, man up a little, dude! Not that a perfume for men has to smell bad, burp, fart and scratch his balls, but there’s no backbone here for goodness’ sake! Unlike the perfume in the video below. Anybody knows where to find it?