Christina Aguilera Parfum Review: Cheap ‘n Nice ‘n Shallow Enough

This was the first Christina Aguilera fragrance, launched in 2007, and never-mind that for the first part it is pure peach and floral air freshener, I liked it anyway. I remember JLo Glow gave me same feeling but this time this is even more real.


To be completely fair though, that was the result I got on my skin. On the blotter, the balance was much better and the effect on my wrist turned out to be a bad twist of the florals and the fruits. Floral-wise, I would swear there’s rose in there, although it’s not listed and no one mentions it. As it evolves, this Christina Aguilera perfume won’t change much, if not for the fact that it will come closer to what a real perfume should be.


Yeah yeah,celebrity perfume bla bla, cheap ingredients bla bla, but I wouldn’t dismiss it that easily: it’ simple, maybe a bit shallow, but honest and transparent, which is still a great quality nowadays.  It’s clear that they didn’t spend a huge amount of money on the formula, but with what they had, they tried not to make a mess and they pretty much succeeded, so it’s much better than a lot of expensive unsmellable stuff out there.


(oh c’mon, the perfume is nowhere near as sexy as the ad pic)

christina aguilera fragrance for women

Christina Aguilera Fragrance for Women