Dior Homme Sport EdT Review: Citrusy, Harsh, Possibly Sexy

Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport Review

Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport Eau de Toilette for men

Strangely enough, I’m usually lazy in reviewing the perfumes I own, so here’s the long overdue Dior Homme Sport Review, almost at the end of the bottle. I’ve been wearing this since Christmas (I know, it’s a fresh fragrance for the summer, but I don’t always care, although I should) so I’d better hurry, as it’s almost finished and I won’t get myself another one for the moment (but only because I want to try other stuff).


Please note: this is the review of the “older” version from 2008 there was a new edition of Homme Sport by Dior launched in 2012. Four years apparently have become a decade in perfume industry.


In the opening of Dior Pour Homme Sport you will get thick, intense and fragrant lemon with green harsh herbs and a very distant sweetness. As it evolves, the spice comes out more in the form of ginger. It’s probably what was giving the harshness in the first place – ginger is not the gentlest of spices – but the fresh side will remain sustained. In the dry down, a non-aggressive sweetness adds up to the fresh side with the ginger being less rough.


Homme Sport by Christian Dior is great for the office and great for the summer, but as I said I’ve been wearing it for the coldest part of the winter. That’s me and my laziness, and I would advise against that, as the type of green of this Dior perfume is quite cold in its own right. It’s maybe not extremely sexy, although ginger and the sweet notes may have something to say on that topic. In any case, it’s smack dub in the middle of fresh aromatic fragrances for men, but there will be no presence of clean laundry notes. And that is a plus to be grateful for in these days.