Christian Dior Dune For Men Review: Perfectly Shareable

Parfum Dune Eau De Toilette

Parfum Dune Eau De Toilette pour homme

Perfume Dune For Men is fresh, but more complex than the average. The opening is light and bright with not-too-sour stuff like mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. Aromatic notes however soon mix in, with basil and/or rosemary, and probably some light non-feminine florals in the background.


But it’s not Mediterranean, mind, a la Acqua di Gio or Versense, it’s closer to Dior Homme Sport, but less bitter. And the fun continues with the intervention of greener tones of grass and warm woods. However, don’t see this as a bunch of notes piling up one on top of the other, there is a nice and soft balance.


So here we have, within the first 30 minutes: woods + herbs + citrus + florals. So far it’s been all fairly masculine, but now perfume Dune by Christian Dior is at a junction: it could go all masculine with amber and more woods and musk, but it goes sour instead. And then the soft floral side comes out more decisively, pushing the citrus and the sourness to the background, and it couldn’t be more unisex. From that point it will be clean and powdery until the end when vanilla also comes into the picture.


Nice reliable perfume for an everyday use, if you’re not a fan of the obvious masculinity of Cool Water and Paco Rabanne pour homme, then Dune Dior Perfume has been rounding off corners since 1997.