Chloe Chloe Eau De Parfum Didn’t Invent Rose, It Just Improved It

The very first whiff gave back a brief moment of intense rose, but it was clear that it was just a note that got through, a false anticipation, it was not supposed be there. 


See, I know Chloe parfum. The real opening is indeed with fruits (apples, litchi and other fresh, sweet stuff) and – as it sometimes happens with floral fragrances – after a couple of minutes there is a delay between the moment when the top notes fade and the next ones come in, and the perfume seems to disappear under your nose, although still with fruity notes in the background. And when I realised that all this parfum Chloe was giving back to me were generic floral notes, I started to get impatient: where’s the flippin’ rose? 


See, I thought I knew Chloe. After all, it’s the signature perfume of a person who is very dear to me, but I didn’t: I was expecting a full steam heady rose but in fact it’s nothing like it.


I was initially disappointed, but that was was just a stupid reaction, because the rose that was gradually coming out was way more interesting: still with a heady, intense side, but also gentle, fruity, peppery and slightly soapy, obviously cut with other florals. And the fruits are still there as well, although more on the skin than on the blotter.


This Chloe parfume won’t have the deepest of bouquets, but it’s fresh and young, as young as a mature flower like rose can be. It was created by Amandine Marie and Michel Almairac (Gucci Rush) in 2008 .



Chloe Perfume For Women Review

Chloe Perfume For Women Review