Chloe Love Perfume Review: Love’s Name Taken In Vain (A Rant)

Love Chloe parfum starts with a pleasant but indefinite mix of florals, in a yes-I’m-floral-but-that’s-all-you-need-to-know-by-now kind of way.  And that’s pretty much all there is to know about it…


Sure, the florals take a plastic and animalic twist at the beginning, interesting because moderate. But all in all it’s an elusive fragrance, slightly powdery, slightly fruity, slightly warm towards the end, pretty much everything slightly. There must be a little personality somewhere, but it’s well hidden, why disturb the world after all? Don’t get me wrong, this is a quite pleasant fragrance, very well executed, and with not one single note out of place. For everyday situations it will be just great.  What really clashes here is the use of the word love.


Unlike this perfume, love is not vague, it speaks clear words and it WILL disturb the world if necessary. Unlike this perfume, love won’t just pass by hoping to be noticed, it will take risks. Not that the word love shouldn’t be used as a name for a perfume, Chloe EdP for example would have been a much better match. But for a fragrance like this, really? That’s the most pretentious name for the most unpretentious perfume. What were they thinking at Chloe’s marketing department? Were they all so high on Ben & Jerry ice cream and chick-flicks moviethons after disastrous break-ups, that they would have named “Love” a car freshener, had they seen it first?


OK a positive note now. Love by Chloe fragrance is a very good floral with traces of fruits. Being unpretentious is not a crime for perfumes, and for an everyday use in the office, or any time you want to smell great without much fuss, it will be just spot-on. It’s young and informal, but not too much, and if you’re over 30, it may make you look 10 years younger in its own right.  


Just don’t call it with that name, else the vein on my forehead will pop up again.


 Love Chloe Perfume Review

Love Chloe Perfume Review