Chanel No 19 Eau De Parfum: Wait, It Gets Better

Chanel 19 Perfume by Chanel starts pleasantly green and sour but then the florals come in and things get a bit messy. The sour side mixes with the more delicate part of the floral notes, eclipsing it, and leaving the warmer side to stand out. The result is like mixing coffee with lemon.


For the first half an hour the perfume will remain suspended in midair, between green, floral, and warm tones. Then, finally, a transition: the green and the floral notes get closer, and the warm side of florals veers towards something with a hint of spice.


After 45 minutes of this, Chanel 19 Perfume By Chanel is a quite different, sexier story. It’s still green and sour at skin level, but the sillage is a floral that is warm with woods. As it goes towards the base notes, it gets better and better… and better… and sexier: temptations of showing a dark side are gone, and spring is here with soapy notes, made sweeter – and not at all obvious – by woods.


Chanel no 19 perfume for women Starts screechy, like a fingernail down on a chalkboard, and ends velvety and round. If you don’t like the opening, hold your breath for half an hour and then wait for the florals in a box of wood. It will pay off.


Review Of Chanel Number 19 Eau De Perfume

Review Of Chanel Number 19 Eau De Perfume