Chanel Chance EdP Review: Yet Another Sweet Floral? Maybe…

Chance Chanel review

Chanel perfume Chance For Women

If you read a couple of reviews of this Chance by Chanel perfume (created by Jacques Polge, Chanel’s in-house perfumer), you will soon notice this is not deemed as the best of Chanel fragrances: too artificial, too strong, too citrus lemon, too formulaic and uninspired, too sweet, too fresh-flowery and all-the-same… and on and on.


In other words, Yet Another Sweet Floral…  But I like this one, you know, like those quirky school-mates or colleagues that no one hangs out with: you understand why they’re not popular, and you agree with their detractors, but you still like them. Except that this one is very popular, if you exclude hardcore fans of Chanel perfumes.


In the opening, the floral and the citrus notes play a tug-of-war, which the latter soon lose. This opens the door to pepper notes, and also a creamy and sweet side. The result is intense and earthy, but overall quite controlled. There is also a certain fruity quality to it, but it’s vague enough to cause disagreement among the reviewers. In any case, don’t expect a fruity floral, as it will be mainly floral although it’s muffled and far from overwhelming, especially after Chance Eau de Parfum has settled down completely. I also got some hints of aromatic notes here and there, but all in all it’s nothing too complex.


And here is a comparison of Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum vs….

Chance Eau de Toilette

EdP is slightly sweeter
In the EdT the sweetness is lighter

EdP is more intense
EdT is more vague

EdP is more peppery
EdT is more aromatic

Both are appropriate for an age of 20-25
Both are mainly for the day but with an evening edge thanks to warm notes
Both have aromatic notes

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Chance Eau Fraiche

EdP is mainly floral
In Fraiche there are also florals, but they’re mixed with the peppery and the green sides

EdP is more sensual
Fraiche is more sparkling

EdP has an aromatic edge with pepper
In Fraiche the peppery side is more evident

EdP is sweeter
Fraiche is fresher

Edp is for the day and also for the night
Fraiche is mainly for the day

Both are  young fragrances

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Chance Eau Tendre

EdP is sweeter
Tendre is creamier

EdP is sensual
But Tendre is more

EdP has an aromatic side
Tendre is fluffy

Both are suitable for the day and the evening

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