Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette: The Peppery Rabbit In The Hat

Chance Eau Fraiche By Chanel For Women Review

Chance Eau Fraiche By Chanel For Women Review

Chanel Eau Fraiche (a 2007 flanker of Chanel Chance) surprised me with peppery warm notes when I was expecting a bath of green and floral ones. As the ad campaign suggests, and every SA would tell you, this is an uplifting and cheerful fragrance, made for the summer.


And it is all that, but the easiness with which Charlotte di Calypso juggles with the bottle in the video commercial, calls for a grain of salt. Sure, there are floral and citrus notes soaked in green water in Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche top notes, but also a generous presence of pepper, which makes everything warmer.


This peppery facet is really a nice bonus here, it transforms what could be a flat line of green and florals into a triangle with depth. And it combines with the green notes with a just a hint of fresh sourness.


And after about one hour, a light sweetness starts to come out. It’s probably always been there but it manages to stand out more after the warm side recedes a little. It’s sugary, but never too strong, and it’s a sort of interlude to the finale, when the pepper is all gone and the warmth comes from woods.


Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche for women is warmer and deeper than they would like you to believe, but it still goes well in the summer. Highly recommended.


And if you ever wondered about Chanel Chance Fraiche vs…

Tendre (green vs pink)

Fraiche is green and peppery
Tendre is fruity and creamy

F is warm with pepper
T is warm with woods in the base

In F the florals are more present but not overwhelming as they are mixed with pepper and the green notes
T is mainly fruity, with the florals in the background

F is for the day
T is also for the day but the creamy notes make it suitable for the evening as well

Both have a little bit of citric sourness

In F the green notes make it more sparkling more “free” spirit
In T the creamy notes make you want to hug it, like in the ad

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