Chanel Antaeus Pour Homme Review: Effortlessly Complex

The first five minutes of Antaeus cologne for men scared the bejesus out of me, as the reaction of some spice (coriander, probably), strange dark florals or herbs,  and possibly civet  as well seemed the prelude to something very close to the smell of crap. Thank goodness it turned out to be just the opening dance of notes, and after five minutes it settled down to a good ole reliable leather


The Kouros YSL review comes easily to mind as a comparison here, but I prefer Antaeus by Chanel big time). It takes away the most obnoxious aspects of Kouros and adds a bitter but delicate background note to leather.  This bitter side seems to turn into tobacco for a short while, and I would swear I felt even coffee at some point.


All in all however, Antaeus perfume won’t change much, and the dry down will offer the same main leather note, backed up by something that is part floral, part incense, part honey, part herbal green. The result is warm and reliable, and in spite of its power and complexity, it runs incredibly smooth on the skin.  Also, special mention to the spray on the bottle, which felt quite sturdy.


It would suit men of at least 40 years of age. And that’s one more reason why I loved it: for a guy who is too much into his thirties, it’s always nice to come across a frag and think “nice, but I’m still too young for this.”



Antaeus Chanel Review

Antaeus Chanel Review