Chanel Allure Homme Sport Review: In Defence Of

Channel Allure Homme Sport Review

Channel Allure Homme Sport for men

What a nice, good, pleasant perfume this is. I owned two bottles before, and the only reason why I’m getting myself Dior Homme Sport instead, is for the sake of trying something new. But when my 200 euros per month fund for perfumes becomes reality, it will be back on the shelf again.


The opening has a soft and semi-sweet mandarin plus the sourness of orange or grapefruit. It’s all probably as synthetic as the keys I’m typing on now, but it smells as natural as the orange juice I had this morning. The citrus notes soon start to be wrapped by warmer ones, until they’re pushed in the background, where a light lemon remains. On the front there’s now woods (cedar) and spices (pepper). As it evolves,  the citrus notes hide even more, and they can hardly refresh the main mix of woods, musk, with also a touch of vanilla.


Allure Homme Sport Chanel is good for both winter and summer, the only thing you should change is the quantity you spray on yourself. Don’t be fooled by the all-cistrusy opening: it’s a powerhouse.  Some dismiss it as the usual citrus-and-then-woods-and-spices masculine fragrance. And they’re right, Jacques Polge (Chanel’s in-house perfumer since 1978) was reinventing the wheel with this one. But (and here’s my defence) what a wheel: this perfume stands out for quality and intensity (and price as well, to be fair) and even if its formula follows a pattern that has been always used, and always will, passing off originality as a virtue in itself (if you can’t smell different from anybody else, then don’t smell of anything at all) is – not always wrong, but at least a questionable thing.