Chance Chanel Eau Tendre Review: Tender Creaminess

Chanel Eau Tendre Chance Review

Chanel Eau Tendre Chance Review

The name is right, Chance Tendre is a tender fruity thing with a layer of florals and one of cream. And it has a tenacious quality that pushes from the start, it’s not flimsy at all.


And I would swear there is a note of pepper somewhere…


The fruit is not overly sweet, at least not distinctly gourmand, but it feels quite real. It’s actually quince, which has a scent between apple and pear, and returns whiffs of fragrant citrus freshness. Florals are just a secondary character there, but it all gets confused and muffled by the creamy side, which is warm and sensual, gives depth and really is the cipher of Chanel Tendre, until the woodsy dry down.


The Chanel Tendre ad is very similar to the one for Eau Fraiche. Pink instead of green, but same model, same song, and same playing with the bottle of perfume. In the end, instead of making it spin on the index finger (like in Eau Fraiche) she hugs it, and that represents quite well the main difference between the two flankers.