CH Men Carolina Herrera: Cucumber Overture

CH For Men Perfume By Carolina Herrera

CH For Men Perfume By Carolina Herrera

CH men has an awesome opening, where green and light citrus notes will take you to a garden covered with fruits and vegetables. But then, clean notes enter, and the vegetable bubble is burst, too soon….


At least it didn’t go all clean and fougere on me. Thankfully, CH CH Perfume For Men will keep a balanced interplay with the fruits, citrus notes, plus some green stuff in the background. In this polite prelude to the heart notes, spices are part of the party too, but they only push occasionally.


And then, I got floral notes, and that’s where CH Men had me for the second time. In the base, woods come in, and their light sweetness mixes with the rest of the fruity, green and floral bunch.


CH For Men Perfume by Carolina Herrera reminded me of Ferragamo Pour Homme  for its kind and gentle attitude, and for the fact that it dares to be different. It’s only four years old – I mean, it’s not a product of the nineties – and that’s good news, it means that they still make perfumes like this. It can be worn all-year round, but duration is a bit poor so you might have to reapply it during the winter.