Moschino Pink Bouquet: Here For A Good Time

Pink Bouquet Moschino Review

Sparkling fruity bubble gum and flowers from the start: you might have had enough of these fruity floral launches, but if this is not uplifting I don’t know what that is. And although you’ll probably get bored soon with it, Pink Bouquet by Moschino is here for a good time, not for a long time.   The fruits are red and bright, the florals are girly, and they will push out the pink for the first hour. After that, the […] Read more »

Find your Sense of Scent   This is a guest post by Saisha Potts from Cafe La Moda, the social space for fashion tips and makeup & beauty advice. She hopes this artilce will inspire you to find your perfect fragrance.   Scent is one of the most influential and important of our senses. Able to attract and seduce just as easy as to deter and repel, a certain smell can act as a very powerful and personal trigger for […] Read more »