Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto: Elusive, Complex, NOT Purple

Manifesto d'Yves Saint Laurent For Women

Manifesto by YSL is quite elusive at the start, but when it settles down a little, after about 30 minutes, a sign of quirkiness comes out, in the form of a waffle-like powdery sweetness. It’s still introverted and muffled, with fruits underneath.   As time passes by, Manifesto gets more complex. Warmer, first of all, with the addition of light spices and soft woods. Add to that a couple of floral notes coming and going in the background, and a […] Read more »

Encounter Perfume For Men

 Calvin Klein Encounter is the brand new CK launch in the masculine arena, and starts with citrus notes, but not for long, as it’s clear that they’ll have to give space to spices, with a side of clean.   There is cardamom and pepper, but I can only recognise the latter. Cardamom is supposed to be a cold spice (this is what it feels like in Declaration by Cartier anyway), but Encounter cologne is warm, smoky and flirts with body […] Read more »

YSL M7 Oud Absolu For Men

M7 Oud was launched in 2011 as a flanker of M7 from 2002. I never tried the original (so far), but I understand that it’s so highly respected for its strength and oriental boldness, that this edition didn’t receive the warmest of welcomes. Over here however, there will be no comparison.   M7 Oud Absolu was my first contact with the aroma of oud wood, which is extracted from the resinous inside part of a tree called Aquilaria. To be […] Read more »