Tom Ford Purple Patchouli Perfume Review: Patchouli In Chains

Tom Ford Private Blend Purple Patchouli

Purple Patchouli Tom Ford was part of the original lot of the Private Blend collection and it’s been discontinued now, although it can still be found (same destiny of Velvet Gardenia).   What’s this perfume all about and where is patchouli anyway? If you really want to look for it, it’s there, but it’s green, earthy, and mixed with heavy florals, almost undetectable. There is also a vinyl protection (it must be the note of leather that other reviewers felt), […] Read more »

Velvet Gardenia Tom Ford Perfume Review

I used to live under the (wrong) assumption that fragrances which are mainly based on one floral can be complex, but tend to be fairly static. Until I tried Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia.   So, where should I start from, top notes maybe? Fennel, that’s what I got: green, fragrant fennel, but with still a floral smell in the background to remind me that I was sitting in a Starbucks and not in my dad’s vegetable garden.  Actually, there is […] Read more »

Frederic Malle Une Fleur De Cassie Perfume For Women

Don’t be fooled by the gentle look of mimosa, the main note of this Une Fleur de Cassie by Frederic Malle: this perfume can be very gentle if you decide to oversee some of its qualities, but hard to appreciate if you stop to smell it for real.   Of course it will still be floral and it will be – or at least try to be – delicate. If it’s slow enough when it evolves on the skin, you […] Read more »

Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio Review

Ninfeo Mio opens with an assault of the harshest citrus notes you could ever imagine. It’s green, unripe, it’s live. After about half an hour, a transition starts towards fig. In all this fizzy start, there is also a very subdued, yet constant warm feeling of woods. They’re there and they’re not there…   As it turned out, I’m quite fig-challenged. Fig was all over the reviews of this Annick Goutal perfume, and when I finally managed to feel it, […] Read more »

Caron Bellodgia Perfume

Bellodgia was created in 1927, and it’s one of the old Caron perfumes still in production. Indeed, in the French perfume house’s website, they like to specify that it’s very popular among their customers in America.  That it was inspired by the Italian town of Bellagio is a well known fact, although I wonder why the original name was anagrammed (with the addition of a D).   Of course, what we smell now is not exactly the same thing of […] Read more »

Green Irish Tweed By Creed Perfume For Men

Smelling classic doesn’t mean smelling cheap, right?. The basil in the top notes of Green Irish Tweed is quite natural, and soon mixes with florals. At some – very interesting – point, there is a turnover between sweet, floral and even sweet notes.  All of that in moderation and all masculine of course. The result is extremely clean stuff.   And then amber kicks in a little harder and, well I have to say it kind of took over and […] Read more »

Fico Di Amalfi Acqua Di Parma Perfume Review

The main accord of this Acqua Di Parma Perfume puts together fig with lemon, which is the fruit Amalfi is really famous for. Nothing gourmand here then, the fig is indeed quite green. There are more peel and leaves than pulp, the citrus side is stinging and sour, and the green notes make it almost similar to petit-grain.   All the above comes with a group of aquatic and floral notes, which give the overall feeling of a whole orchard […] Read more »

Antonia's Flowers Fragrance

Antonia is a niche perfume maker from New York, and this Antonia’s Flowers Perfume was the first one that she launched in 1985.  It has a signature note of freesia, extracted with the headspace technology (very recent at that time), which recreates the smell of the ingredient by analyzing the air around it.   The description in the perfume’s site says the perfume is “interspersed with jasmine, magnolia and lily.”  And jasmine, together with other flowers, contains indoles, a molecule […] Read more »