Creed Green Irish Tweed Review: Don’t Let (All) Amber In

Green Irish Tweed By Creed Perfume For Men

Smelling classic doesn’t mean smelling cheap, right?. The basil in the top notes of Green Irish Tweed is quite natural, and soon mixes with florals. At some – very interesting – point, there is a turnover between sweet, floral and even sweet notes.  All of that in moderation and all masculine of course. The result is extremely clean stuff.   And then amber kicks in a little harder and, well I have to say it kind of took over and […] Read more »

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The difference between the way paper strip and (my) skin render the same perfume is a wheel that I wish I had reinvented sooner, and I’m glad that I applied this Creed Parfum Fleur De The Rose Bulgare on both, as I had practically two different fragrances under my nose.   On the blotter it starts with light citrus, with the floral showing itself immediately. It’s a quite green rose we have here, it’s almost possible to feel the stem. […] Read more »