Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile: An Appetite For Kindness

Magnolia Nobile by Acqua Di Parma starts sparklingly sour, with just ever so vague fruity notes. And then it settles down, getting rid of the sour asperities, and becoming delicate all the way. Gotta love magnolia, it’s a floral I’m shamelessly attracted to. I like its gentle and kind spirit. Is it a thing that comes with age, maybe? I mean, being attracted to feminine kindness?   Many reviews at Fragrantica lamented a too overpowering lemon note, but in my […] Read more »

Fico Di Amalfi Acqua Di Parma Perfume Review

The main accord of this Acqua Di Parma Perfume puts together fig with lemon, which is the fruit Amalfi is really famous for. Nothing gourmand here then, the fig is indeed quite green. There are more peel and leaves than pulp, the citrus side is stinging and sour, and the green notes make it almost similar to petit-grain.   All the above comes with a group of aquatic and floral notes, which give the overall feeling of a whole orchard […] Read more »