D&G 18 La Lune Perfume Review: Simple Or Shallow?

D And G La Lune Perfume Review

18 La Lune D&G starts fruity and floral and it will keep the same nature in the heart notes, when the floral side will get richer and more complex. There must be rose somewhere, together with a light tuberose, which gives a light but rough earthy touch in the background. It’s all pleasant and the sweet-ish notes coming out of the fruity floral mix are potentially sexy from a close distance.    Yet, I’m finding hard to get an idea […] Read more »

Apres L'ondee Guerlain Review

Apres l’ondee Perfume by Guerlain is an iris-based floral, created by Jacques Guerlain himself in 1906. If you have the luck to sample it, don’t miss the opening, because that’s where earth breaks loose after the rain-shower, releasing all sorts of things, creating an incredible smell that is hard to describe: minty, plastic, warm, fresh, sweaty. At times it’s also indolic (fecal, that is), with the memory of a childhood in the countryside right there (cowshed smell, anyone?).   All […] Read more »

Roberto Cavalli Perfume 2012 Review

I would have sworn this was an old one (the uber-kitsch cap would have looked cool, like, 20 years ago), but it’s actually brand-new and launched in 2012.   Perfume Roberto Cavalli opens fresh, and with a certain minty flavour. It will be fairly unquiet all along, however after a couple of minutes, its structure starts to build up, with sweet notes first, and then it finally settles down to a warm floral, sprinkled with musky notes.   After about […] Read more »

Quick review for Un Air D’escapade by Givenchy, very recently launched as an airport exclusive. The opening is muffled and gives out indefinite florals plus citrus notes, with hints of red fruits. There is also a light bitter earthiness in the background, that smudges the innocence of the main notes. After a couple of minutes, the earthy side disappears, and the fragrance settles down to a tropical-sweet and fresh attitude, with also aquatic notes that come out on the blotter, […] Read more »

Givenchy Organza Perfume

Would you expect a quite and moderate perfume from Givenchy? Of course not. There’s a respectable blast of white florals at the start of perfume Organza, and then on the skin it gets quite indolic, with the power trio of jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. The blotter gives out more interesting tones (and that’s what I hope you will get on your skin): it will still be animalic, but minty as well, and somehow fresher, probably thanks to gardenia’s buttery notes. […] Read more »

Dior J'adore Perfume Review

Talking about something so popular like J’Adore Dior perfume is a strenuous task. The moment flowers are squeezed into a perfume, whether from a natural extraction process or from the lab, whether in a natural or an extraterrestrial rendition, they show their tricky nature. If you think floral notes are always nice, innocuous things, you might be sorely disappointed. Sure, they can be gentle to the core, or sexy, or simply smell great; but they can also be chemical, they […] Read more »

Perfume Jennifer Aniston

This is the debut Jennifer Aniston fragrance with her own name, and it starts not too bad. It’s quite floral with jasmine, with a sharp intensity, and a sour and chemical aroma, which is somewhat muffled. All in all, an interesting balance between delicate and dense. “Gentle with attitude” was what I had thought as a tag line for the title, and then…   … and then it just fell apart. From smelling like many others, but at least not […] Read more »

Forbidden Affair Anna Sui Review

The option above might be the deal maker or breaker with Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui. From the very start it’s a fruity thing, but not excessively sweet, and will be more powdery as it evolves, still keeping its sweetness under control. You’ll get mainly blackcurrants, although for a moment I got Womanity’s fig there, but it was short-lived.   In the heart notes, when it’s fully developed, Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui is sweet, floral, powdery, fruity and green. […] Read more »