Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review: Not A Bang But A Whimper

Lady Gaga Perfume Review

Blessed by a total lack of anticipation for the launch of Lady Gaga’s first perfume Fame, I let serendipity do the job. I was going for Madly by Kenzo, but I sprayed this one instead.   It starts fruity, something between red fruits and pears, with pulp (it’s apricot, actually), but not too much. After not too long, a spice timidly comes out, and a light sweet side is added to it. Both parts are quite light, and are mounted […] Read more »

Perfume Lola By Marc Jacobs Review

After Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, another variation (indeed, the oldest one of the three, as it was launched in 2009) of the green fruity floral theme by Marc Jacobs, this time leaning towards rose.   Right off the bat it’s a juicy and fragrant pear wrapped in a vinyl rose layer, which smells similar to the flowers on top of the bottle. In the first part there’s a secondary note of citrus as well, which soon disappears, as […] Read more »

Reviews ofJimmy Choo Flash Perfume

After the flamboyant and opaque peach of the debut of the same name, Jimmy Choo comes back with a completely different thing. If you read the tag hanging from the bottleneck, you’ll know Flash is a floriental, which is assigned to those floral fragrances with a warm and oriental edge, often in the form of vanilla.   But you’ll have to wait until the end to get all that, because Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum opens at the other […] Read more »

Daisy For Women By Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a masterpiece of elusiveness. Is it there? Is it not there? There are delicate florals mixed with semi-sweet reed fruits, but it’s all sparse, as if they used water instead of alcohol to dilute the juice.   It’s a young and bright perfume for the day, and something you would wear for yourself mainly, because you like it, not because you want the others to smell it on you.   The presence of musky notes at […] Read more »

Eau De Toilette Chance De Chanel Review

Let’s say you’re looking for a low-tone fragrance to wear during your daily activities. You don’t dislike florals, but you don’t like them too powerful. At the same time, you want something simple but not completely linear, and maybe with some hidden complexity.   Well, look no more  because that’s what the EdT version of Chanel Chance is about. It’s one of the three flankers of the original Eau de Parfum, with Tendre, and Fraiche) and it’s least mentioned (heck, […] Read more »

Chanel Eau Tendre Chance Review

The name is right, Chance Tendre is a tender fruity thing with a layer of florals and one of cream. And it has a tenacious quality that pushes from the start, it’s not flimsy at all.   And I would swear there is a note of pepper somewhere…   The fruit is not overly sweet, at least not distinctly gourmand, but it feels quite real. It’s actually quince, which has a scent between apple and pear, and returns whiffs of […] Read more »

Pink Bouquet Moschino Review

Sparkling fruity bubble gum and flowers from the start: you might have had enough of these fruity floral launches, but if this is not uplifting I don’t know what that is. And although you’ll probably get bored soon with it, Pink Bouquet by Moschino is here for a good time, not for a long time.   The fruits are red and bright, the florals are girly, and they will push out the pink for the first hour. After that, the […] Read more »

Chance Eau Fraiche By Chanel For Women Review

Chanel Eau Fraiche (a 2007 flanker of Chanel Chance) surprised me with peppery warm notes when I was expecting a bath of green and floral ones. As the ad campaign suggests, and every SA would tell you, this is an uplifting and cheerful fragrance, made for the summer.   And it is all that, but the easiness with which Charlotte di Calypso juggles with the bottle in the video commercial, calls for a grain of salt. Sure, there are floral […] Read more »