Dolce And Gabbana The One For Men Review: Suggested Masculinity

The One By Dolce & Gabbana For Men Review

The One By Dolce Gabbana For Men is simple and light, and just like YSL L’Homme, it suggests rather than speaking out loud. It’s not an in your-face masculine, it’s made for intimacy rather than for seduction, it’s subtle, in other words it’s darn good.   The opening is fruity and aromatic, with just a suggestion of spices. The citrus is officially grapefruit, but way less pungent than the real thing, and it goes together with a delicate sweetness that […] Read more »

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme and Guilty Black

For the first time I’ll have to break the one-perfume-one-review rule, but it would have been impossible to describe Gucci Guilty Pour Homme (2011) and the PH Black version (2013) with a decent number of words, if I had done it separately.   They both put together a little bit of this and a little bit of that, creating a dark and hazy cloud of aromatic, spicy and clean notes, which never gets to get a shape. Perhaps, if you’re […] Read more »

YSL L'homme Eau De Toilette For Men Review

L’Homme Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent is one of those delicate masculine compositions, where spices don’t scratch that much, the typical clean notes are stripped off, and it gets fruity and floral ones instead.   All the above of course in a masculine way. As fruity and floral notes are typically feminine, when they are applied to masculine perfumes, they can be defined by subtraction; I mean, they are masculine by virtue of what they are not, rather than of […] Read more »

Mahogany by Etro Review

This is an ultra-niche perfume and it’s maybe discontinued, as there’s no mentioned in the Italian fashion house. But hey, it’s part of a conspicuous set of sample that I ordered  a while ago to practice different olfactive families and perfume (just like food) should  not be wasted.   Mahogany in particular has vetiver as main note, which is a grass but, when used in perfumery, it becomes part of the woods family thanks to its.. well.. woodsy smell. So, […] Read more »

CH For Men Perfume By Carolina Herrera

CH men has an awesome opening, where green and light citrus notes will take you to a garden covered with fruits and vegetables. But then, clean notes enter, and the vegetable bubble is burst, too soon….   At least it didn’t go all clean and fougere on me. Thankfully, CH CH Perfume For Men will keep a balanced interplay with the fruits, citrus notes, plus some green stuff in the background. In this polite prelude to the heart notes, spices […] Read more »

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Fragrance Review

The opening of For Him by Narciso Rodriguez is a boiling cauldron. It reminded me of Opium by YSL, not for the notes but for the warm life that emanates from them.   Someone would call it death though, and they wouldn’t be wrong. This Narciso Rodriguez is not for any him, the opening is strong enough to scare away the nose that is too comfortable with spicy clean masculine that “smell so good.”   For Him doesn’t, indeed it’s […] Read more »

James Bond 007 perfume review

Perfume used by James Bond? Hmmm, I don’t think so. After a short fruity start, the only thing that keeps this from being a total wishy-washy, same old fresh spicy is that the spices push a little harder at times.   For brief moments, they even give out a smell of burnt, which is what happens when they change gear. And then… well expect the expectable from a perfume in its category (you may want to check out this Calvin […] Read more »

Cacharel Pour Homme Men is from 1981 and after thirty-two years is still on the shelves and still loved. Try it and you’ll understand immediately why.   It opens with nose-blinding citrus and then nutmeg comes out, fragrant and natural. It’s impossible to miss, even for those who (like me) normally have problems in telling one spice from the other. And then florals are thrown in as well, making things more interesting.   And indeed, florals are what sets this […] Read more »