John Varvatos Perfumes For Men: A Nice Continuum

Ever tried a John Varvatos perfume? These three have been around for some time, but only now have made a comeback to my local store, and thankfully so.   Classic The one with just the designers name is fruity and delicate right off the bat. It’s far from feminine though, with a line of spices and herbs striking through, pushing the fruity sweetness more decisively towards the masculine side. With time, the apricot of the beginning moves towards fig, and […] Read more »

Aramis Perfume For Men Review

Aramis by Aramis for men is the third woody masculine I sampled, and even though it was done in 1966, 8 years before Givenchy The Gentleman (review), it doesn’t smell of old.   The opening is chemical with strong woods. It’s really like smelling a piece of furniture that’s just been polished. This chemical stuff has a sort of additive quality (OMG, I’m not a glue sniffer, aren’t I?), and just like it happens with the certain florals (like ylang-ylang), […] Read more »

Givenchy Gentleman Review

This is a gentleman from the times when the very word was invented, which is like, well, a long time ago. It has a great opening, with sharp, almost minty herbal notes on top of the spices, and the dry down is the part I preferred, with a shaving foam aroma, and leather and tobacco still quite strong and inebriating.   And what about the middle heart notes of Givenchy Gentleman, you may ask. They’re super rich with different things: […] Read more »

Bvlgari Black

Someone set fire to a piece of rubber and then put out the flames with a bunch of flowers. That is, in very few words, what Bulgari Black feels like. The floral note of the start is soon twisted with a layer of soapy, burnt leather, and a bitter back-smell.   Compared to the skin, the florals have more power on the blotter, and the fragrance is fresher. The burnt rubber on the other hand, thrives on the skin, and […] Read more »

Fahrenheit Perfume

Yes, oh yes it can.   Fahreheit is my signature perfume, the one I wear on rainy days, and it’s just perversely good with the smell of gasoline that stays in the car for a couple of minutes after I leave the petrol station.   Citrus notes (mainly orange) won’t be able to tame the cloud of gasoline and dirty smoked leather of the opening. The dirtiness however is only apparent, and the effect is actually quite smooth. There’s more […] Read more »