Diesel Fuel For Life Men Review: Best Use Of Anise After Sambuca

Diesel parfum Fuel For Life Men

“Use with caution” says the bottle, I would say use it freely. Gotta love the opening of this Diesel for men: rather than fresh, it’s quite cold in the nose, with an interesting combination of grapefruit + anise, the latter being a bit shy and coming out after a couple of minutes.   In the middle phase the chilled note disappears and there is a beginning of a sweet fruity tone with lavender. However, anise is still there, marking this […] Read more »

Kokorico Perfume For Men by Jean Paul Gaultier

When I first sampled Kokorico for men by Jean Paul Gautier, a couple of months back, it smelled of old to me. By that, I mean the stale, musty smell you would find in old houses (my grandparents’ pleace comes to mind), especially in wardrobes or dressers. Now, with a just slightly more refined nose, it’s clear that the correct word for this Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is not “old,” but “sexy.” It plays in the same I’m-sexy-and-you-should-know-it arena as […] Read more »