Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme: Soothing And Daring

Parfum Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme Review

In the opening, this Salvatore Ferragamo perfume for men is woody with no hesitation, with the fennel-like warmth of caraway seeds. However, it already feels different from many other mainstream perfumes for men, as the spicy notes won’t scratch, and within half an hour the expected fresh side will come from soapy florals, rather than the usual laundry detergent smell.   Woody and fresh then, but in a different way, and with more stuff in the background: a vague and […] Read more »

He Wood by Dsquared2 perfume

He Wood Dsquared has a clear note of eucalyptol for almost all its duration. I wanted to get this statement out of my system, because in the other reviews I looked at, it’s not even mentioned in passing, and having such a unique view on a smell of a perfume sometimes makes me uncomfortable. So if you’re reading this and you happen to know Dsquared2 He Wood already, please leave a comment below and let me know if I’m proudly […] Read more »

Bvlgari Man Perfume

Bvlgari Man Perfume may not have the most original of personalities but it’s a nice, honest fragrance, with the right degree of sophistication, between sweet, spicy, fresh and warm.  The top is with citrus notes (lemon? bergamot?) and something else, a soft, cold spice. I would say it’s cardamom, although I’m starting to think that after the almost out-of-body experience that I had with Declaration by Cartier, I feel cardamom anywhere there’s a cold spice. As Bulgari Men evolves, citrus […] Read more »

Burberry The Beat Perfume For Men Review

My wish list has a new member: Burberry Perfume The Beat.   It starts green, almost celery-green, of freshly-cut green vegetables, and then it gradually gets more notes: there’s a damp log of wood with citrus; there’s a bitter peppery sweetness; and there are florals with a smudging quality, from which softer, vaguely fruity notes sometimes emerge.   The Beat Burberry For Men blends all that, becoming one of those multifaceted fragrances that changes under your very nose. It goes […] Read more »

Lanvin Oxygene Homme Review

I just bought this one on Ebay, it was an impulse buy. See, I had this in a sample, and what I felt from the opening was the usual clean-laundry smell of many fresh-aromatic perfumes for men. Only that this time, it was probably the purest I ever felt. Just that: no frills, no additions like water in Cool Water, or metal in Azzaro Chrome.   After noting down these few (not so great) initial impressions, I checked a couple […] Read more »

Hermes Perfume For Women Eau Des Merveilles Eau De Toilette

Let’s start by (over)simplifying a little: Hermes Merveilles perfume is where orange meets amber. And, like those couples where one has an outspoken personality and the other won’t talk nor smile too much, results may vary.   If what you get on your skin – as I did on the paper strip – is a prominent orange and lemon, then amber will provide a warm support, although the overall effect made me think at times of a herbalist’s shop. If, […] Read more »

Vetyver Jo Malone Cologne Review

Vetyver by Jo Malone starts citrus and clean; orange is listed, but it’s so alive, fresh, stinging and full of sourness, to be actually closer to lemon. Also from the start, the citrus is accompanied by green and herbal notes, which stand out not only because they’re also quite strong (it’s the opening, baby), but also for the hyperactivity of the citrus, which pushes them aside. A better blending however (between the citrus and the green), occurs after about one […] Read more »

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir Perfume

Just like I did for Lacoste Essential Sport, here is a review of one of my perfumes before the last drop is sprayed: Bvlgari Soir. It’s a special edition of the original Pour Homme, launched in 2006, and is  ideal for the mid-season, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you have such thing (I’m not) and warm enough for cotton jumper days, but not so much for below zero temperatures.   It starts with bergamot and […] Read more »