Perfume Ferrari Black Review: 1999 In Full Effect

Ferrari Black Perfume For Men Review

Make it elegant. This must have been the brief to the perfumer of this Ferrari perfume Black. Well, the concept of elegant is the one of 1999, which is when it was first launched. It starts with citrusy, woody and spicy notes, with the main accent on citrus and clean laundry. The rest give the perfume its elegant side, and the fact that the spices are on the verge of body odor creates an interesting contrast with the laundry clean. […] Read more »

Terre D'hermes By Hermes Perfume

Hermes Terre Perfume for men is not overpowering. It will stay in the background, but keeping a strong presence. That was the instant review of the Starbucks guy who prepared my tea today, and it couldn’t make more sense (and I love it when these observations come from people who are – supposedly – not perfume experts, nor serial reviewers).   For the first part, Terre perfume is an orange hidden among tree branches, covered with soil, in the humid […] Read more »

Emporio Armani Black Carat Perfume Review

Although with different spices, Armani Black Diamond really reminds me of Black XS Paco Rabanne because it’s round and warmly sweet. It has a good, solid spicy core placed in the centre of the room, which is supposed to be pepper, but it’s smoked rather than tingly. The sweetness is given by cocoa notes, which blend really good with the spices as they are born to.   Black Carat For Men is a nice masculine, good for night outs, a […] Read more »

Eau De Toilette Gucci By Gucci Sport

In the notes I took for this review, there’s a word that I repeated four times: subdued.   Gucci Gucci By Gucci Sport starts really good with a floral, citrus and slightly aquatic. Things get better when it gets even slightly balsamic, and then it starts its descent into spicy cleanness, with no particular strength nor excitement.   It’s not suitable for winter, the spicy side is too understated to make it stand out enough in the cold season. You’ll […] Read more »

Paul Smith Men Perfume Review

Paul Smith for men is the copy cat of another perfume for men, and another one, and another one and so on, and the only reason I will continue with the description is that I can’t remember any of them so I cannot insert a link.   It starts indeed with a nice and clean and spicy kick. It’s pepper, if you ask me, but it’s polished, not tingling, and with a rubber quality at times. The blotter is way […] Read more »

cartier pasha de cartier perfume

Pasha by Cartier perfume eases you gradually into its world, starting clean and not different from other aromatic spicy frags for men, just with more class in the bag and more money in the juice.   Then, in a matter of minutes, it comes to life with notes of aromatic green trees, stinky spices (it must be the coriander, so careful when you spray it), the anise side of caraway seeds, balsamic mint, and also light florals. All the above […] Read more »

Marc Jacobs Perfume For Men

Marc Jacobs Men perfume starts creamy and citrusy, and you already know that spices are going to come, just like in Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman. When they do however, they will be gentle and mix politely with the other notes. There you have a triangle with smooth cardamom, a creamy side with a light and attractive sweetness, and some neutral florals, which indeed remain a bit in a corner.   The sweet side in this Marc Jacobs cologne for […] Read more »

Just Different By Hugo Boss Review

Unless they meant it with reference to the original Hugo from 1995, Just Different is only Slighty Different from many other woody aromatic masculine around.   The only moment where the name is fully deserved is in the opening notes, with a super-interesting aroma, that is vegetable green and damp in an almost unpleasant way, like of laundry that was left in the washing machine for too long before being hung to dry.   As it settles down however, it […] Read more »