John Varvatos Perfumes For Men: A Nice Continuum

Ever tried a John Varvatos perfume? These three have been around for some time, but only now have made a comeback to my local store, and thankfully so.   Classic The one with just the designers name is fruity and delicate right off the bat. It’s far from feminine though, with a line of spices and herbs striking through, pushing the fruity sweetness more decisively towards the masculine side. With time, the apricot of the beginning moves towards fig, and […] Read more »

212 Vip Men Carolina Herrera For Men

When it comes to writing the content for a review, I have two basic rules: a) not to use too many comparisons with other perfumes; b) try to make it different from the previous ones. The reason behind rule a) is that, if I described a perfume with constant comparisons with another, and you don’t know second one, what you read is completely useless to you. And the reason behind rule b) is that  – at least in principle – […] Read more »

Vera Wang Cologne For Men Review By Vera Wang

Vera Wang for men Eau De Toilette could be the masculine version of Nina by Nina Ricci. It starts with distinct fruity notes, and spices make their entrance after a couple of minutes.   Although it’s clear that it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, I’m there begging fruits not to leave, as in that case Vera Wang Men would become like many other spicy-cleans out there. And they will indeed stay until the end. Spices are a little rough, […] Read more »

Chanel Allure Pour Homme Review

Another day another classic: Chanel Allure Eau De Toilette. Right out of the spray, it smells classy and masculine, clean and warm. There are woods to the foreground, with a nice support from spices – which don’t scratch, but make it warmer – and a hint of aromatic bitterness.   That aromatic side, with its green and moist tones, is indeed the best of the ancillary notes at this initial stage, but then, after a couple of minutes Allure Chanel […] Read more »

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme and Guilty Black

For the first time I’ll have to break the one-perfume-one-review rule, but it would have been impossible to describe Gucci Guilty Pour Homme (2011) and the PH Black version (2013) with a decent number of words, if I had done it separately.   They both put together a little bit of this and a little bit of that, creating a dark and hazy cloud of aromatic, spicy and clean notes, which never gets to get a shape. Perhaps, if you’re […] Read more »

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Review

Believe those who say it’s quite aggressive, but don’t be scared: everything is perfectly balanced and polished in this one. It will hit you as a firm caress, rather than a punch: it might still hurt, but your nose won’t bleed.   Calvin Klein Obsession for men Eau de Toilette starts timid, with a powdery talcum halo all around, and then it grows spicy and even bitter at times, although with a backbone of clean amber. There are dense florals in […] Read more »

Antaeus Chanel Review

The first five minutes of Antaeus cologne for men scared the bejesus out of me, as the reaction of some spice (coriander, probably), strange dark florals or herbs,  and possibly civet  as well seemed the prelude to something very close to the smell of crap. Thank goodness it turned out to be just the opening dance of notes, and after five minutes it settled down to a good ole reliable leather   The Kouros YSL review comes easily to mind […] Read more »

Viktor Rolf Spicebomb Review

If you expected a flower bomb from Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, you’d be disappointed, but her brother will walk the talk.   Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf opens with citrus and minty notes, although the balsamic effect is probably a product of the bergamot with the spices. It won’t be long before the spicy bouquet comes out, with different facets spinning around: it’s dirty-peppery and powdery-old. Also, there’s a smell of burnt (not smoked, burnt), body odour, tobacco, leather, and a quite […] Read more »