Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto: Elusive, Complex, NOT Purple

Manifesto d'Yves Saint Laurent For Women

Manifesto by YSL is quite elusive at the start, but when it settles down a little, after about 30 minutes, a sign of quirkiness comes out, in the form of a waffle-like powdery sweetness. It’s still introverted and muffled, with fruits underneath.   As time passes by, Manifesto gets more complex. Warmer, first of all, with the addition of light spices and soft woods. Add to that a couple of floral notes coming and going in the background, and a […] Read more »

Baghari Piguet Perfume Review

If you’re not used to aldehydes and there’s no other strong note to contrast them (like florals in Chanel n. 5 for example), chances are that you’ll get a WTF moment when you smell them. At least, this is what happened to me with Baghari Robert Piguet perfume.   Aldehydses are organic compounds with an unique smell, which is hard to pinpoint because it doesn’t remember of anything that exists in nature. An approximation I can think of, is a […] Read more »

CK Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume Review

Beauty by CK is a complex fragrance, and considering that all the CK perfumes I tried so far are all pretty simple, straightforward and almost flimsy, the complexity in this one was more than welcome.   It starts with very quick fruity notes, and then you’ll get a bouquet of intense and dense white florals, which are given a paintbrush of spicy, woody and citrus notes. It feels like a diluted version of Opium, but not in a derogatory way. […] Read more »

Caron Bellodgia Perfume

Bellodgia was created in 1927, and it’s one of the old Caron perfumes still in production. Indeed, in the French perfume house’s website, they like to specify that it’s very popular among their customers in America.  That it was inspired by the Italian town of Bellagio is a well known fact, although I wonder why the original name was anagrammed (with the addition of a D).   Of course, what we smell now is not exactly the same thing of […] Read more »

Hypnose Perfume For Women Review

Once in a perfume shop, the golden rule for real prospect buyers and fake ones alike (like perfume bloggers and other types of time-wasters) is: stay away from sales assistants. Not only because they are likely to know about perfumes less than you, or because they are very stingy when you ask them to spray some, or because they look at you like a weirdo if you are a guy and ask them for a spritz of a feminine frag […] Read more »

Alien Perfume By Thierry Mugler

Imagine a guy bringing a huge bunch of fresh, intense jasmines to his beloved to declare his love. He’s in front of her door, just about to press the bell button, when he spots a small puddle of mud. He kneels down and takes half a handful and drops it on the jasmines. “There! Now it’s just perfect!” he says, and rings the bell with a heart full of expectation.   Perfume Alien Thierry Mugler is like this. The thing […] Read more »

Ange Ou Demon For Women by Givenchy

In other words: I loved this one. If this perfume was a woman I would ask her out to dinner just to hear her talking.   The fragrance starts with a clear smell of disinfectant, the real hard-core stuff they use in hospitals to clean the floors. I’m not sure  what gives this effect, as the pyramid of perfume Ange Ou Demon should have thyme, saffron and oranges at this point, and none of them made sense with what I […] Read more »

Donna Karan Cashmere perfume

I have to start with a disclaimer: I can’t find this Donna Karan perfume for women in my area, so I ordered a sample online. After writing down a couple of impressions, I went and checked Cashmere Mist notes and a few reviews online, and they were very different from what I was smelling. However, I found out that a flanker, called Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition, launched in 2009 for the 15th anniversary of the original, had a greater similarity […] Read more »