Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review: Not A Bang But A Whimper

Lady Gaga Perfume Review

Blessed by a total lack of anticipation for the launch of Lady Gaga’s first perfume Fame, I let serendipity do the job. I was going for Madly by Kenzo, but I sprayed this one instead.   It starts fruity, something between red fruits and pears, with pulp (it’s apricot, actually), but not too much. After not too long, a spice timidly comes out, and a light sweet side is added to it. Both parts are quite light, and are mounted […] Read more »

Reviews ofJimmy Choo Flash Perfume

After the flamboyant and opaque peach of the debut of the same name, Jimmy Choo comes back with a completely different thing. If you read the tag hanging from the bottleneck, you’ll know Flash is a floriental, which is assigned to those floral fragrances with a warm and oriental edge, often in the form of vanilla.   But you’ll have to wait until the end to get all that, because Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum opens at the other […] Read more »

Kenzo Madly For Women Review

The packaging of Madly by Kenzo, and the opening notes might lead you to believe this is a spring fragrance. But it’s not. Although it starts like that, it travels fast towards winter. A little bit like Magical Moon by Hanae Mori, although the latter covers a longer distance.   The opening of Madly perfume for women is floral with a hint of fruits. The bouquet is delicate, with only a few gluey hints here and there (a little bit […] Read more »

Blv II Perfume By Bvlgari For Women

 This perfume makes no sense, really. It opens with a distinct hairspray smell – which I actually liked because it reminded me of the one my grandma Rosina used on her gray head – and then it continues as body odor wrapped in a vinyl layer. Not exactly what turns me on….   I read that liquorice and anise are in it, and I wonder if their union is responsible for this. I had smelt them separately before (liquorice in […] Read more »

Apres L'ondee Guerlain Review

Apres l’ondee Perfume by Guerlain is an iris-based floral, created by Jacques Guerlain himself in 1906. If you have the luck to sample it, don’t miss the opening, because that’s where earth breaks loose after the rain-shower, releasing all sorts of things, creating an incredible smell that is hard to describe: minty, plastic, warm, fresh, sweaty. At times it’s also indolic (fecal, that is), with the memory of a childhood in the countryside right there (cowshed smell, anyone?).   All […] Read more »

Roberto Cavalli Perfume 2012 Review

I would have sworn this was an old one (the uber-kitsch cap would have looked cool, like, 20 years ago), but it’s actually brand-new and launched in 2012.   Perfume Roberto Cavalli opens fresh, and with a certain minty flavour. It will be fairly unquiet all along, however after a couple of minutes, its structure starts to build up, with sweet notes first, and then it finally settles down to a warm floral, sprinkled with musky notes.   After about […] Read more »

Givenchy Organza Perfume

Would you expect a quite and moderate perfume from Givenchy? Of course not. There’s a respectable blast of white florals at the start of perfume Organza, and then on the skin it gets quite indolic, with the power trio of jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. The blotter gives out more interesting tones (and that’s what I hope you will get on your skin): it will still be animalic, but minty as well, and somehow fresher, probably thanks to gardenia’s buttery notes. […] Read more »

Serge Lutens A La Nuit Review

My first one-to-one encounter with jasmine happened by night, with A La Nuit by Serge Lutens. It opens almost gourmand, but not because it’s sweet or fruity, it’s still floral, but a floral you could eat. This sense of edibility will move back quickly when jasmine takes the stage, but will remain throughout, in the form of vague sweet and creamy notes.   The main theme is jasmine, coupled with a certain sourness that comes and goes, but it’s when […] Read more »