L’Artisan Parfumeur Patchouli Patch: Black Magic Patchouli

Patchouli Patch By L'artisan Parfumeur Review

Patchouli Patch Eau de toilette is weird stuff. It starts with a nasty mix of anise and caraway seeds, and the result is herbaceous, aromatic and bitter. When patchouli enters, a couple of minutes behind, what you’ll have under your nose is a an obscure magic herbal infusion, one that would probably cure love pains and resentment.   As this Harry Potterish spell vanishes, Patchouli Patch By L’artisan Parfumeur becomes more friendly on the nose, leaving a linear patchouli without […] Read more »

Coromandel by Chanel Perfume Review

Patchouli is a herb that I met before but I want to get to know better. Chances are you already know it too: if you’ve ever tried Angel by Thierry Mugler (other examples would be Prada Amber for Women and, quite unexpectedly, Pasha for men  in the base notes), it’s the note that makes you want to bite the air (apart from cotton candy), as if a ripe fruit materialized under your nose. Except that patchouli won’t smell of any […] Read more »

Lolita Perfume Review

In its first part, Perfume Lolita Lempicka won’t make any effort to try to please your nose, but chances are that you’ll love its quirkiness. Spray it, and get ready for a bitter, neon-lit electric liquorice, varnished with a floral-scented layer of plastic-like notes.   Lolita Lempicka Parfum will change very slowly, letting the magic begin. Electricity and plastic will leave, and so will part of the bitterness; in turn, patchouli will come out of the dark corner where it […] Read more »

Loverdose By Diesel Parfume

The opening of this Diesel perfume for women is with liquorice, which soon mixes with jasmine. The two produce a peculiar smell, which is warm, aromatic, and slightly animalic. That is supposed to be sexy, I think, judging from the ad campaign, all based on seduction.  To me however, this is peculiar rather than sexy, interesting rather than feminine. Or, still feminine if you prefer, but not in the classic way.   The first part will be quite linear, and […] Read more »

Prada Perfumes

  With this Parfum Prada By Prada under the nose, Angel by Thierry Mugler comes easily to mind (here is a more detailed comparison between the two): although they’re not the same, they’re not light years apart either.   Just so you know from the start: this is a sweet one, where patchouli and vanilla-honey notes get together to create a thick sweet layer that won’t go unnoticed, even with a very light hand on the spray. There is of […] Read more »

Le Petit Robe Noir Guerlain Review

Guerlain made a serious effort to confuse people here: they launched the first La Petit Robe Noir in February 2009, then number 2 in 2011, and finally a new edition of the original in early 2012. The similar bottles won’t help much to tell one from the other (although the original is black and the other two are cherry-red), so the only serious clue to follow will be the black dress on the front, as it’s different in all three. […] Read more »

Must De Cartier For Women

Forget about summer, and fresh, and fruity: this is a classy oriental, date of launch 1981 (created by Jean-Jacques Diener) and still fully deserving its place in the perfume stores shelves.   The opening is, well, it smells mainly of ash, but in a very good way. There is also warm and sweet-ish orange, and a feeling that it’s a winter fragrance but a very gentle one. This type of  opening in Must Cartier Perfume gives an idea of what’s […] Read more »

Angel Perfume Discontinued

Bold, bold, bold! This adjective has been used a lot for Angel perfume for women but I don’t mind joining the club and saying it again: bold!   Enjoy the jasmine of the beginning, then get yourself a spoon and a tissue and be ready for the ethyl maltol assault. That’s the molecule of cotton candy, blended with massive doses of patchouli. The result is a cloud of honey with a sprinkle of pepper on it.   And of course […] Read more »