Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Perfume For Men: A Stinky Blast From The Past

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Perfume Review

Why have I been feeling like sneezing for the last hour? Is it the chilly Irish December breeze? Or is it because I have been wearing Kouros on my wrist?   How to describe Kouros YSL? I might try and say that it’s very intense, very strong and very oriental. Incense, spices, and leather, maybe some florals, yet so strong to be transfigured: this is what it’s about. Or maybe I should put aside fancy terms and let my heart […] Read more »

Hugo Boss Orange Perfume Review

Would you expect to smell something called Orange Hugo Boss and find orange in it? Of course not, c’mon it’s like smelling a perfume coming from a green apple-shaped bottle and expect to find green apple in there.   OK I’m hyperbolizing (yes, it’s a word) a little: of course there is orange in here, as well as there is green apple in DKNY Be Delicious, just don’t expect a shower of squeezed orange and juicy bits on you. It’s […] Read more »

Dolce And Gabbana The One Gentleman Cologne Review

D&G The One Gentleman for men plays with a spicy clean accord of pepper and lavender in a sophisticated way. The opening brought back a childhood memory in the form of one of those lemon popsicles with a liquorice stick (this one). It’s probably a misleading association, as there is no lemon in the The One Gentlman cologne, but the cleanness that comes from lavender has a creamy quality that reminds of it.   In the heart notes, part of […] Read more »

Givenchy Play Intense For Him Review

Fancy a nice mix of coffee and neutral florals, with a small dose of caramel and a sprinkle of pepper on top?  OK, put it that way it looks like a meaningless concoction, but this is what this Givenchy Play eau de toilette is about and it somehow works.   It’s possibly the most linear perfume I have sampled so far, but that doesn’t have to be a bad quality. One thing is when you sit down and try to […] Read more »

Paloma Picasso Perfume For Women

This Paloma Picasso Parfum won’t give you a break from the start: it’s dense, thick, sensual, with incense and florals (rose, ylang-ylang, hyacinth) that will make you go East, fully oriental. One spray will go a long way, and then some.   The strong camphor reminds of Opium by YSL, but it’s more hardcore, which means that if you like that one you won’t necessarily like this one. What gives this Picasso Perfume an even more particular twist (in case […] Read more »

Parfum Black XS For Women

Black XS For Her is spicy and sweet like the one for men, but with a very different personality: where the masculine has a warm and almost intrusive spiciness, this one has a subdued peppery side.   At the start, sweetness is mainly fruity – the opening has a light bubble-gum flavour – and then it gradually switches to vanilla. It has a cloying potential, but the gourmand frequencies are cut down by pepper. This stage  is not distinctly feminine, […] Read more »

Prada fragrance

This Prada Perfume For Men was a typical case where paper and skin gave two very different responses, two different experiences, so here are two different reviews of the same fragrance, without saying too much about which one was on paper and which one on the skin.   Let’s start with the one I liked the better. That was rich and complex, very hard to figure out a definite direction. The beginning was quite dynamic, and when all the notes […] Read more »

Must De Cartier Pour Homme

Cartier Must Perfume for men is a rare case where the masculine flanker is not totally different from the original feminine.  Launched in 2000, 19 years after the original, it was born from the nose of Nathalie Feisthauer (Eau des Merveilles by Hermes).   It starts with anise, mint and also sour citrus notes. This cold mix is tamed by musk, and that’s why anise won’t chill the nostrils as it does in Fuel for Life Diesel. Mainly anise is […] Read more »