D&G The One For Men Sport Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Perfumes like D&G The One Sport make me wonder: do they know (“they” being the perfumer and the fashion house that commissioned the juice) that they created a perfume for men that smells like many, many others before? Of course they do.   So why did they do that? I’m not disagreeing with the logic of selling as many as possible, it would be stupid. So I guess they must have reached the conclusion that creating a copycat of a […] Read more »

Calvin Klein Crave Cologne

Its detractors say CK Crave smells cheap. Guess what: that’s because it IS cheap. Also, extremely easy to find (on the internet) and fairly popular in the search engines. If it really is discontinued (I regularly see it at Debenhams thouhg), then down at CK they’d better re-think what they did and start producing it again.   If you skip the usual high dose of laundry detergent, the peculiarity that this Crave by Calvin Klein has to offer is a […] Read more »

Lancome Miracle Perfume Review

If I thought that Miss Dior Cherie was a good girl, that’s because I never met perfume Miracle by Lancome Paris. The opening extends for a good one or two hours, and it’s sweet and delicate: half fruity, with a bubbly gummy strawberry (well, it’s litchi actually), half with florals that feel quite generic, and it’s fresh and clean. I know it’s not elegant to make fun of a good girl, but one could say that it feels like shower […] Read more »

I understand that, if you have Fernando Alonso in your team, it would be foolish not to use his face to sell a couple of thousands of bottles of perfume. His image will do the job, no need to actually put any effort, nor money in the juice.   And this is what this perfume Scuderia Ferrari is about: it’s where generic clean notes meet common aromatic ones and plain spices. The worst sin of this Ferrari perfume is not […] Read more »

Bleu De Chanel Pour Homme Perfume Review

I reviewed this Chanel perfume for men a first time back in January, in a previous incarnation of this perfume blog. I loved it back then: I found it cl assy and masculine, mysterious without being dark, and quite sexy too, with the main quality being the elusive haziness of the spices.   Then, a couple of days later, a person whose opinions in matter of perfumes I always valued, trashed my lyricism, saying that Bleu de Chanel smells like […] Read more »

Only The Brave By Diesel Review

Fourth Diesel fragrance for men and fifth overall reviewed here. With Diesel Only The Brave perfume they decided to go less cold and citrusy than in Fuel For Life, and going down the sweet road instead.   The opening is indeed quite fresh, with orange and mandarin but the fragrance soon becomes sweet, although in a non-powdery way, also adding clean florals. It goes on blending in green and aromatic notes, and amber as well, but they are all sort […] Read more »

Encounter Perfume For Men

 Calvin Klein Encounter is the brand new CK launch in the masculine arena, and starts with citrus notes, but not for long, as it’s clear that they’ll have to give space to spices, with a side of clean.   There is cardamom and pepper, but I can only recognise the latter. Cardamom is supposed to be a cold spice (this is what it feels like in Declaration by Cartier anyway), but Encounter cologne is warm, smoky and flirts with body […] Read more »

Marc Jacobs Bang Review

This new edition of Marc Jacobs Bang adds an extra bang and does what it says on the tin. It starts with a good dose of citrus notes and a layer of metallic paint on it, similar to Azzaro Chrome if you will, although this one is more citrusy and less laundry clean.   The metallic thing is actually cardamom, or something of that sort (it’s a tad sweet as well), it becomes more evident when the lemon notes leave, […] Read more »