Escape For Men: I Hereby Declare Its Floralness

Escape Perfume For Men Review By Calvin Klein

Escape cologne for men by Calvin Klein opens citrus, fruity and herbal, but with a quality that makes it different from the other fresh aromatic out there, thanks to a nice dose of floral notes. I say this in an act of bravery, as among the about fifty users reviews down at Fragrantica there was only one single reference to florals.   The thing is (more display of bravery coming ), not only florals are there in a soft, clean, […] Read more »

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme Cologne Review

YSL La Nuit perfume is one of the many examples of how a fragrance can take the unpleasant and make it pleasant, by keeping it unpleasant, with the  unpleasant in this case – but only to some extent – being the spices.   Until the dry down, La Nuit De L’homme revolves around three main set of notes: spicy, clean floral and citrus:  the spicy side should be cardamom, although it feels more like ginger, as it’s quite rugged and […] Read more »

Luna Rossa Prada Fragrance Review

My expectations for this brand new Luna Rossa Prada cologne were reasonably high, for being a Prada fragrance, and reasonably low for being a bait for sport fans (Scuderia Ferrari, anyone?).   It opens boozy and then it forms an delicate subdued accord of soft flowers and lavender, balsamic and aromatic notes, and citrus as well. And of course you’ll get spices, which scratch and tingle a little, and can be felt at a short distance. It sort of reminds […] Read more »

Lancome Hypnose Homme For Men Review

I Loved Lancome Hypnose Homme Eau De Toilette. It’s an in-your-face masculine fragrance, dense with spices but counterbalanced by a citrus-lavender freshness. Also, it has an aromatic side, which is shadowed by the spices at first, but comes out in a sort of chemical way. And the effect is addictive, it  made my nose come back for more over and over again. The spice is ginger, just like in Armani City Glam, so is ginger the sexiest spice ever?   […] Read more »

The One By Dolce & Gabbana For Men Review

The One By Dolce Gabbana For Men is simple and light, and just like YSL L’Homme, it suggests rather than speaking out loud. It’s not an in your-face masculine, it’s made for intimacy rather than for seduction, it’s subtle, in other words it’s darn good.   The opening is fruity and aromatic, with just a suggestion of spices. The citrus is officially grapefruit, but way less pungent than the real thing, and it goes together with a delicate sweetness that […] Read more »

YSL L'homme Eau De Toilette For Men Review

L’Homme Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent is one of those delicate masculine compositions, where spices don’t scratch that much, the typical clean notes are stripped off, and it gets fruity and floral ones instead.   All the above of course in a masculine way. As fruity and floral notes are typically feminine, when they are applied to masculine perfumes, they can be defined by subtraction; I mean, they are masculine by virtue of what they are not, rather than of […] Read more »

James Bond 007 perfume review

Perfume used by James Bond? Hmmm, I don’t think so. After a short fruity start, the only thing that keeps this from being a total wishy-washy, same old fresh spicy is that the spices push a little harder at times.   For brief moments, they even give out a smell of burnt, which is what happens when they change gear. And then… well expect the expectable from a perfume in its category (you may want to check out this Calvin […] Read more »

Cacharel Pour Homme Men is from 1981 and after thirty-two years is still on the shelves and still loved. Try it and you’ll understand immediately why.   It opens with nose-blinding citrus and then nutmeg comes out, fragrant and natural. It’s impossible to miss, even for those who (like me) normally have problems in telling one spice from the other. And then florals are thrown in as well, making things more interesting.   And indeed, florals are what sets this […] Read more »