Narciso Rodriguez For Her Review: Animalic Sweetness

musk extracted from deers ass

 This is a great perfume, and for a quite simple reason: many fragrances start to get interesting in the dry-down, when musk enters the stage, giving its warm and – to various degrees, depending on the mix – animalic contribution. With For Her Narciso Rodriguez, you will have all that, but from the very start, and after only 30 minutes you already know there’s still plenty of room for changes and surprises.   A couple of words on musk. It’s […] Read more »

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Review

Imagine they make a movie and then they write a book out of it (quite the opposite of what normally happens), and you read the book before watching the movie: your opinion is likely to be influenced.   Not that I ever did something like that myself, but I’m afraid this is what happened with Perfume Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker. After reading the interesting story of its creation in Chandler Burr’s The Perfect Scent, I knew so much about it […] Read more »

Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume for Women

The initial freshness of CK Euphoria offers weird citrus notes, but it has a short existence.When it settles down, it shows a warm floral, not rose, but something to that effect, wrapped in a warm container with a fruity sweetness that has no memory of fruits in it.   The result is a sort of warm creaminess, with a good degree of complexity, which in perfumes is almost always (and in people almost never) interesting and worth coming back for […] Read more »