Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum Review: Nostalgic Jasmine

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfume Review

Bottega Veneta EdP opens citrusy, floral and warm, with a pleasant acidity that smells quite clean. The warmth is given by a note of pepper, which leaves a small stain on what would otherwise be a nice, but a bit boring couple. It’s a gentler version of Narciso Rodriguez For Her if you will.   And after 1-2 hours, the same ol’ magic of perfumes occurs, when angles are rounded off, and lines of separation are less clear: pepper grows […] Read more »

Chance Eau Fraiche By Chanel For Women Review

Chanel Eau Fraiche (a 2007 flanker of Chanel Chance) surprised me with peppery warm notes when I was expecting a bath of green and floral ones. As the ad campaign suggests, and every SA would tell you, this is an uplifting and cheerful fragrance, made for the summer.   And it is all that, but the easiness with which Charlotte di Calypso juggles with the bottle in the video commercial, calls for a grain of salt. Sure, there are floral […] Read more »

Clinique Aromatics Elixir Perfume Review

Aromatics Elixir starts strong, floral, green and aromatic, almost balsamic, with also a bright sour side given by aldehydes and probably some citrus. In other words: complex.   Not long after the opening, the florals lower their intensity. They feel soapier and allow the aromatic side to cut through and stand out more. The overall effect is now gentler but not one bit less rich.   It’s an intense fragrance, but it can suit a fresh summer day, thanks to […] Read more »

Dolce Gabbana The One Review

Whenever a perfume-related conversation happens, Dolce&Gabbana The One often comes up as “really good.” So it was about time to sample it to find out why so many women like it. And I think I know now.   The opening is like watching a 15-second trailer of an action movie:  you get a lot of the stuff you’ll get later, and very quickly. Dense white florals, more delicate ones, a fresh, almost citrus side, vague sweet notes, and also vague […] Read more »

Review Of Chanel Number 19 Eau De Perfume

Chanel 19 Perfume by Chanel starts pleasantly green and sour but then the florals come in and things get a bit messy. The sour side mixes with the more delicate part of the floral notes, eclipsing it, and leaving the warmer side to stand out. The result is like mixing coffee with lemon.   For the first half an hour the perfume will remain suspended in midair, between green, floral, and warm tones. Then, finally, a transition: the green and […] Read more »

Gucci Premiere is the new “essence” by Gucci, if you want to believe the ad. Calling it EdP or perfume would have been to crass I suppose.   It starts with citrus notes, but different sides soon join in, in the form of dense white florals and a creamy fruitiness. The subtle creaminess is the cipher of this Gucci fragrance for women. It keeps all the notes together, makes the fragrance classy and mature, and that’s probably where the golden […] Read more »

Tom Ford Private Blend Purple Patchouli

Purple Patchouli Tom Ford was part of the original lot of the Private Blend collection and it’s been discontinued now, although it can still be found (same destiny of Velvet Gardenia).   What’s this perfume all about and where is patchouli anyway? If you really want to look for it, it’s there, but it’s green, earthy, and mixed with heavy florals, almost undetectable. There is also a vinyl protection (it must be the note of leather that other reviewers felt), […] Read more »

Burberry Body New Fragrance Review

This is one of the latest Burberry perfumes for women, launched in September 2011. On the blotter it started upfront with a floral nuclear blast (I read there’s rose and iris) which indeed felt quite natural, like real bunch of flowers from a very close distance.   When the dust settles down, after a couple of minutes, it starts to breathe a little and becomes more manageable. On the skin however, things got more interesting, as the opening is less […] Read more »