Pure DKNY For Women: Sexy And Doesn’t Know It

Review Of DKNY Pure Perfume

Pure Perfume By DKNY is a light, transparent thing, where florals float in aquatic notes and are wrapped in a green cloud, which even comes out as balsamic at times.   In the heart notes it becomes less aquatic and a light musky warmth comes in. It’s like a version of Narciso Rodriguez for Her with one third of the intensity. In all fairness though, it’s easy to be dismissive with non aggressive personalities. There is more complexity in there, […] Read more »

Daisy For Women By Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a masterpiece of elusiveness. Is it there? Is it not there? There are delicate florals mixed with semi-sweet reed fruits, but it’s all sparse, as if they used water instead of alcohol to dilute the juice.   It’s a young and bright perfume for the day, and something you would wear for yourself mainly, because you like it, not because you want the others to smell it on you.   The presence of musky notes at […] Read more »

Eau De Toilette Chance De Chanel Review

Let’s say you’re looking for a low-tone fragrance to wear during your daily activities. You don’t dislike florals, but you don’t like them too powerful. At the same time, you want something simple but not completely linear, and maybe with some hidden complexity.   Well, look no more  because that’s what the EdT version of Chanel Chance is about. It’s one of the three flankers of the original Eau de Parfum, with Tendre, and Fraiche) and it’s least mentioned (heck, […] Read more »

Magnolia Nobile by Acqua Di Parma starts sparklingly sour, with just ever so vague fruity notes. And then it settles down, getting rid of the sour asperities, and becoming delicate all the way. Gotta love magnolia, it’s a floral I’m shamelessly attracted to. I like its gentle and kind spirit. Is it a thing that comes with age, maybe? I mean, being attracted to feminine kindness?   Many reviews at Fragrantica lamented a too overpowering lemon note, but in my […] Read more »

D And G La Lune Perfume Review

18 La Lune D&G starts fruity and floral and it will keep the same nature in the heart notes, when the floral side will get richer and more complex. There must be rose somewhere, together with a light tuberose, which gives a light but rough earthy touch in the background. It’s all pleasant and the sweet-ish notes coming out of the fruity floral mix are potentially sexy from a close distance.    Yet, I’m finding hard to get an idea […] Read more »

Flora by Gucci Gracious Tuberose Review

Gracious Tuberose is the second of the five fragrances of the Gucci Flora Garden Collection (after Glamorous Magnolia) you can find here. It starts by doing justice to its adjective: it’s gracious, pure and awesome, with fruity tones mixed with soapy floral notes. Tuberose is notoriously an intense floral (Carnal Flower, anyone?) but in this case it feels sparkling, vivid and natural. There’s no aggressiveness, just soapy peacefulness.   After about one hour, in the middle notes, the floral in […] Read more »

Givenchy Eaudemoiselle Review

This Givenchy perfume is a basket full of half-ripe pears (or melons maybe) strewn across a meadow, where the grass has just been cut but not picked up yet.  It’s probably a citrus of some sort that gives the unripe feeling, and  there are no florals standing out in the first minutes.   They’re there in the background though, like an event waiting to happen, and they do happen eventually, coming out in the form of rose. It’s pretty intense, […] Read more »

Flora By Gucci The Garden Series

This is a recent flanker of Gucci Flora perfume, and part of a series of five with mandarin, tuberose, gardenia and violet. It starts with fireworks of lemon and green notes, and that’s when it had me, because if a citrus can not only survive my skin, but also feel so fragrant and natural like in Glamorous Magnolia by Gucci, that must mean something.   And after that, sit down and enjoy the really slow change towards a delicate, non-dense […] Read more »