Givenchy Un Air D’escapade Review: Pack Up We’re Leaving!

Quick review for Un Air D’escapade by Givenchy, very recently launched as an airport exclusive. The opening is muffled and gives out indefinite florals plus citrus notes, with hints of red fruits. There is also a light bitter earthiness in the background, that smudges the innocence of the main notes. After a couple of minutes, the earthy side disappears, and the fragrance settles down to a tropical-sweet and fresh attitude, with also aquatic notes that come out on the blotter, […] Read more »

Forbidden Affair Anna Sui Review

The option above might be the deal maker or breaker with Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui. From the very start it’s a fruity thing, but not excessively sweet, and will be more powdery as it evolves, still keeping its sweetness under control. You’ll get mainly blackcurrants, although for a moment I got Womanity’s fig there, but it was short-lived.   In the heart notes, when it’s fully developed, Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui is sweet, floral, powdery, fruity and green. […] Read more »

Perfume Justin Bieber Someday Review

Justin Bieber is an 18-year old, angel-faced pop star, insanely popular among female teenagers. So, seriously: what’s not to hate there? Logically enough then, when Someday perfume came out, at the beginning of 2012, it stirred the hate of many perfume lovers, with some of them even feeling the need to specify that they were not Bieber’s fans.   Justin Bieber’s perfume Someday starts fresh and citrusy, soon becoming sweet and fruity. The type of sweetness is what gives away […] Read more »

Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Toilette Spra

Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Toilette opens fresh and almost balsamic, with a ripe and pulpy pear, and a certain idea of florals already in the background. In the heart notes there’s a slow transition to a more marked floral, but… where’s the gardenia? I was expecting some buttery stuff (like in Velvet Gardenia by Tom Ford and Truth Or Dare by Madonna for example), but there’s none of that in Gorgeous Gardenia By Gucci.   This is the third fragrance […] Read more »

Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Women Chanel Review

In the opening, Coco Mademoiselle is yet another fruity-floral, but with a perfect balance between the two sides. Fruits are red, florals are warm, and the spirit is young, all wrapped in a thin bubble of fructose.   Fruity perfumes – when bright – are generally shallow in their structure and carefree in their attitude. Not this one though, this one is deep, thanks to warm woody notes that give roundness and make it go beyond the sum of its […] Read more »

Very Irresistible Perfume Review

Some feel the fruits in this one, many don’t, but I did, big time: a cloud of sweet fruit notes if you ask me, and right out of the box. I’d say litchi or strawberry, plus pepper. In other words, quite similar to Nina and Delices by Cartier. That’s why I found the first part Very Resistible indeed, as these are not my favorite types of perfumes.   To sum up the start, Perfume Irresistible Givenchy has hazy fruity and […] Read more »

christina aguilera fragrance for women

This was the first Christina Aguilera fragrance, launched in 2007, and never-mind that for the first part it is pure peach and floral air freshener, I liked it anyway. I remember JLo Glow gave me same feeling but this time this is even more real.   To be completely fair though, that was the result I got on my skin. On the blotter, the balance was much better and the effect on my wrist turned out to be a bad […] Read more »

Escada Especially Escada Eau De Parfum

Especially Escada starts velvety and floral with a good dose of juicy pear as a counterpart. The fruity notes are ripe, but with a controlled sweetness.    Rose is the main flower (the ad sort of gives it away) but it’s deprived of its headiness and softened by the fruits. So chances are, you may feel the bouquet quite generic, with only a spicy hint here and there. For a good while, Perfume Escada Especially Escada will ride a fine […] Read more »