Honey Marc Jacobs For Women: Guess What? It’s Fruity Floral…

Honey perfume for women is the latest arrival in the Marc Jacobs family. If, after Lola, Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, you expected something other than a fruity floral, you were, oh, so wrong.   A fruity-floral fragrance for women is what it is, with pear and honeysuckle.   The good thing about that is, in spite of its name, they didn’t make the honey note obvious. Indeed, it’s very well blended and polished; rather than standing out, […] Read more »

Versace Versus Perfume For Women Review

Versus Versace perfume opens bright, sweet and fruity with lemon and fleshy peach. The sparkling citrus and the sweet side are equally divided, until the rose comes out. It’s not your typical fishnet stockinged rose though: the layer of vinyl is substituted by the sweet peachy and the citrus fruity notes of the start. It’s a strange couple what you have there, but it blends quite well: it’s delicate and sweet, but still with a sexy card to play, especially […] Read more »

Perfume Hollywood by Michael Kors

Very Hollywood by Michael Kors starts, hmm, hard to describe, let’s say there’s a herbal green, plus a spice, plus red fruits. And then it produced a note of tea, so blatant, that I was very surprised not to find it in any review. Although there is half teaspoon of sugar in it, tea is tea, and its bitterness is something you have to love or leave.   Both skin and paper will eventually produce a dense, quite animalic  floral, […] Read more »

Perfume Lola By Marc Jacobs Review

After Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, another variation (indeed, the oldest one of the three, as it was launched in 2009) of the green fruity floral theme by Marc Jacobs, this time leaning towards rose.   Right off the bat it’s a juicy and fragrant pear wrapped in a vinyl rose layer, which smells similar to the flowers on top of the bottle. In the first part there’s a secondary note of citrus as well, which soon disappears, as […] Read more »

Chanel Eau Tendre Chance Review

The name is right, Chance Tendre is a tender fruity thing with a layer of florals and one of cream. And it has a tenacious quality that pushes from the start, it’s not flimsy at all.   And I would swear there is a note of pepper somewhere…   The fruit is not overly sweet, at least not distinctly gourmand, but it feels quite real. It’s actually quince, which has a scent between apple and pear, and returns whiffs of […] Read more »

Pink Bouquet Moschino Review

Sparkling fruity bubble gum and flowers from the start: you might have had enough of these fruity floral launches, but if this is not uplifting I don’t know what that is. And although you’ll probably get bored soon with it, Pink Bouquet by Moschino is here for a good time, not for a long time.   The fruits are red and bright, the florals are girly, and they will push out the pink for the first hour. After that, the […] Read more »

Fendi Fan Di Fendi Perfume Review

Fan di Fendi opens with a basket of peaches and red fruits, but after a couple of minutes floral notes gradually blend in. It’s rose, or something similar, which adds a thin film of plastic smell, a la Lola by Marc Jacobs. The florals push a bit harder at times, but for the most part it’s hard to spot the line with the fruits. .      Fan di by Fendi perfume is pretty intense for an EdT, but it […] Read more »

Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume Review

This is Vera Wang’s new fragrance Lovestruck (launched in 2011) and I feel rose in it. It’s rose with a coolant on top, with a texture that reminded me very much of Lola by Marc Jacobs. The thing is: there’s no rose in here, no rose in the notes, and no rose in any of the reviews I found.   So here I am, in one of those situations where I’m torn between humble (Rose? Really? Man, I suck at […] Read more »