Gucci By Gucci: A Sophisticated Touch In Semi-Darkness

Gucci By Gucci Fragrance For Women was created by Ilias Ermenidis (Vera Wang Princess) and launched in 2007. It is a fruity fragrance, however you can forget about spring and fresh and think fall and dark. Or semi-dark actually, with a good amount of warm sweetness.   The fruits in the opening are in the line of pear, but it’s ripe, not juicy, and it’s mixed with a sweet patchouli and other semi-sweet florals (nothing like rose or other strong […] Read more »

Cacharel Amor Amor Perfume Review

Amor Amor perfume by Cacharel starts with spluttering mandarins and oranges, mixed with red fruits (black currant, they say), and after a couple of minutes it has already ticked two crucial boxes in the sexy category: the fruity gourmand, and the warm with musk. As a bonus, you will get a velvety wrap that makes it even better.   And as it progresses, it will un-tick the gourmand box and remain with the animalic side, tempered by fruits, citrus and […] Read more »

Incanto Shine Ferragamo Review

Incanto Shine By Salvatore Ferragamo opens like the classiest stuff you could ever find: it’s warm with citrus and spices, slightly dirty with musk, and clean in the background. I could practically feel the two warm/dirty and fresh/clean lines separately, but connected, snogging their way up from the skin.   On the blotter however, it will show a different soul: it’s more fruity, sweet and tropical, with a thin red line of amber striking through. And, as it often happens, […] Read more »

Jimmy Choo Fragrance Review

Ever smelt a peach glazed with glue? That’s what the first 30 seconds of this perfume Jimmy Choo feel like. And peach, or something quite similar to it, will be the signature note until the dry down. It’s fresh, with some of the crispness of pear, and although it tends to be tyrannical almost to the point of boring, it’s all the stuff happening around it that deserves to be told.   This Jimmy Choo parfum is – of course […] Read more »

Giorgio Armani Diamonds Perfume Review

When you smell this for the first time you may have the same reaction that Phoebe has to saltwater taffies: what’s the deal? Is it fruity, is it floral? The two facets are so skilfully mixed together, that this question will not get a definite answer.   The top offers brief citrus notes, and then the perfume opens to rose and lily-of-the-valley. Although the bouquet is delicate and not overly intense, rose is a note that can bite if sprayed […] Read more »

Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio Review

Ninfeo Mio opens with an assault of the harshest citrus notes you could ever imagine. It’s green, unripe, it’s live. After about half an hour, a transition starts towards fig. In all this fizzy start, there is also a very subdued, yet constant warm feeling of woods. They’re there and they’re not there…   As it turned out, I’m quite fig-challenged. Fig was all over the reviews of this Annick Goutal perfume, and when I finally managed to feel it, […] Read more »

Kim Kardashian True Reflection Fragrance Review

Kim Kardashian True Reflection starts citrusy but already with restless sweet notes in the background. Soon, it becomes darker and rougher – although in a controlled way – and the sweetness comes out as fruity and peachy.   It might seem that the darker side comes from spices (well, it seemed to me anyway), but I read it’s actually patchouli. The confusion is forgivable, I think, as the whole result is very earthy, at times even slightly smoked and with […] Read more »

Delice Cartier Fragrances

The top notes, indeed the very first seconds of the life of a perfume, are a very precious moment, at least potentially. And since they vanish quickly, they deserve probably even more attention than the rest. Not that you’ll necessarily find the pot of gold, but you never know what you might miss out on.   In theory, any perfume will behave differently at this initial stage, but looking at the extremes, two things can happen: either the notes will […] Read more »