Christian Dior Diorissimo: Rubber Soles Recommended

Diorissimo By Christian Dior For Women Review

Diorissimo Dior perfume is a light bulb, whose internal incandescent filament is made of lily of the valley. This bulb is too powerful for the plastic socket it’s mounted on, so you will also get a vague smell of burnt. And if you throw a bit of solvent (there’s ylang-ylang as well, go figure…) and a pinch of sweet peachy notes on top, you get a smell it’s hard to forget.   Diorissimo Eau De Toilette is warm but distant. […] Read more »

Cerruti 1881 Parfum For Women

I’m starting to love what my skin can do to a perfume. Take 1881 Nino Cerruti Women for example. On the blotter it’s a fresh feminine, with delicate mimose and citrus notes. On my skin it had an exquisite, classy and discreet smell of rubber, just like the one those gloves to wash dishes are made of.   As it moves on, a change in the blotter gives a hint of where the rubber probably comes from: it’s the laundry […] Read more »

YSL Perfume Parisienne A L’extreme Review

This is a special edition of perfume Parisienne, launched in 2010. The opening is full of peppery indefinite florals, confusing but promising. It seems like good things are about to happen. And after a minute or two, there it goes with dense, heady, boozy and velvety notes. Is it rose? Hmm, wait a minute… yes, and mixed with berries, which are very present and with their natural sourness.   It’s a rich and complex character, fruity and floral, dense and […] Read more »

Cacharel Anais Anais Perfume Review

This perfume can be really nasty, so careful with the spray, because under the super rich, slightly heady and complex bouquet, there’s an evil white floral bitch, with the potential of being animalic, unpleasant and bitter, even fecal at times. Spray too much of it and  you will have, at least in the first half an hour, a soup of florals gone bad, a beautiful garden with a dead corpse hidden somewhere.   That’s at least what happened on my […] Read more »

Love Chloe Perfume Review

Love Chloe parfum starts with a pleasant but indefinite mix of florals, in a yes-I’m-floral-but-that’s-all-you-need-to-know-by-now kind of way.  And that’s pretty much all there is to know about it…   Sure, the florals take a plastic and animalic twist at the beginning, interesting because moderate. But all in all it’s an elusive fragrance, slightly powdery, slightly fruity, slightly warm towards the end, pretty much everything slightly. There must be a little personality somewhere, but it’s well hidden, why disturb the […] Read more »

Finally, a dense feminine floral I can get along with.   Givenchy Dahlia Noir has mimosa in it, and although I don’t know it that well (this is my second encounter, after Un Fleur de Cassie), I think it would truly deserve to be among the hot-shots of floraldom. It makes me think of yellow, the color of its blossom (the actual flower is red), and it’s fresh and fruity, but in a very light, non-fruity, non-floral way.   It’s […] Read more »

Velvet Gardenia Tom Ford Perfume Review

I used to live under the (wrong) assumption that fragrances which are mainly based on one floral can be complex, but tend to be fairly static. Until I tried Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia.   So, where should I start from, top notes maybe? Fennel, that’s what I got: green, fragrant fennel, but with still a floral smell in the background to remind me that I was sitting in a Starbucks and not in my dad’s vegetable garden.  Actually, there is […] Read more »

Frederic Malle Une Fleur De Cassie Perfume For Women

Don’t be fooled by the gentle look of mimosa, the main note of this Une Fleur de Cassie by Frederic Malle: this perfume can be very gentle if you decide to oversee some of its qualities, but hard to appreciate if you stop to smell it for real.   Of course it will still be floral and it will be – or at least try to be – delicate. If it’s slow enough when it evolves on the skin, you […] Read more »