Lacoste Essential Sport Review: Who’s Afraid Of Citronellol?

Lacoste Essential Sport For Men Review

Summer is almost starting (but don’t get me started on the Irish one) and one of my summer fragrances is almost gone, so it’s now or never for this Lacoste Essential Sport review. I really liked it, but who knows what summer fragrances I may wear next year. Besides, I’ve finally realised what I always suspected: my skin absorbs it like a sponge, no matter how much I spray on it (is it because I eat a lot of chicken?). […] Read more »

CK One For Men And Women

That should be the sound you make in the morning when you apply parfum CK One, a positive, light fragrance to be sprayed heavily.   All there is to say about this perfume is now history, so here is a recap. Launched in 1994 and created by Alberto Morillas (Omnia and Blv by Bvlgari,  212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera, Acqua di Gio, Miracle by Lancome to name a few), and Harry Fremont (Juicy Couture, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Princess by […] Read more »

Armani Aqua di Gio For Men

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani is almost invisible at first, then touches of salty water and quite good citrus come out. Then nothing again, and then the citrus are given florals as partner, an aromatic backbone, and a sprinkle of sea water here and there. The balance between all these elements is just perfect, although towards the end it will get more aromatic.   The unfavourable reviews you will read about this Armani perfume will probably say two things. […] Read more »

Calvin Klein Ck One Summer 2012 Review

The result of the formula “CK One + Summer + bright green bottle” would lead to imagine this as a super-fresh thing. Well, it’s not. I mean, it’s still all fresh and summery and all, just don’t expect a waterfall of lemon notes.   Although it starts citrus, it soon becomes aromatic and even slightly spicy, and overall fairly warm-ish. Your summer should have a nice air conditioning system to wear this comfortably enough, and a transpiration coming from direct […] Read more »