Paul Smith Perfume Optimistic For Him Review: A Safe Foursome

Paul Smith Optimistic Review

Paul Smith Optimistic For Him won’t be the most original nor the deepest, nor the most sophisticated fragrance, but it’s quite pleasant overall. It first came out in 2011 with the version for Her, both created by Francoise Caron (Hermes Eau D`Orange Verte, Rock’n Rose by Valentino among the others).   The opening is very fresh, almost cold. It’s just a generic freshness at first, but then all the layers will start to gradually come out: at first light sweet […] Read more »

D&G Pour Homme Review

Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme opens with a quite fragrant lemon, which makes it very Mediterranean right off the box, but then it follows the same fate of Hugo Boss Bottled Night: there is some good will in the formula with herbs and woods, but they end up buried under a hefty dose of detergent smell.   Although it won’t go all the way into a swamp of dihydromyrcenol, lemon will lose its virginity and start to smell a tad chemical […] Read more »

Boss Bottled Night Eau De Toilette

Are Hugo Boss perfumes really “the deepest pit of hell” as Chandler Burr calls them in his The Perfect Scent?  I opened the lid to see what fetid vapours I would find, and I came out of the experience unscathed, although, I have to admit, not really impressed.   Bottled Night Hugo Boss starts with citrus, fruity and slightly sweet notes, which soon turn out to be a very fragrant lemon. They could  – and should  – have lasted more, […] Read more »

Armani Eau Pour Homme Review

So that’s the perfume I smelt one day on my older sister’s boyfriend when I was a kid. Personal digression, to say this is from a couple of years ago, 1984, created by Roger Pellegrino.   The opening of Armani Pour Homme is with a fragrant, very real orange, and – childhood knocking at my door again – the same taste I used to get sucking these fruit drops. In the background however, there is already a spicey herb of […] Read more »

The bottle of Clinique Happy Perfume comes in a splash version, which means there is no spray, but a hole, and you’re supposed to turn it upside down on your hand and then applying it on the skin. It is normally used for light perfumes (like this one), where an over-application won’t do much harm and will even be recommended.   Nonetheless, if I was the minister for the perfume bottles, I would get rid of splash tops altogether. If […] Read more »

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Review

I have a simple principle: the main purpose of a fragrance is to smell good and not to smell different from anything else. This is why – when it comes to designer perfumes – I normally disagree with criticisms like “it’s good, but it so smells like such and such,” especially when the comparison is made with super-ultra niche fragrances.   Having said all that, the moment always comes when the loyalty to our principles is put to test, and […] Read more »

Perfume Chrome Azzaro Review

I think there is.   The name couldn’t be more appropriate: Azzaro Chrome cologne is a basket full of clean laundry, brushed with a layer of metallic paint. Yes, there are citrus, but you may even not notice them, as you may be overwhelmed by the extreme cleanness of dihydromyrcenol, a molecule used in laundry detergents and defined by Chandler Burr (who admittedly hates it) “a molecule that smells like sink cleanser spilled on an aluminium counter” (from The Perfect […] Read more »

Light Bliue Dolce Gabbana For Men

With great expectations after the quite good Light Blue for women, the fall.  I imagine the brief for this perfume (the brief is the description of the type of fragrance that the candidate perfumer receives from the fashion house) was: “remember Acqua di Gio and Cool Water? More of the same please.”   Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour Homme opens with a fresh – almost cold – citrus (Sicilian mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot, the official recipe says), which is […] Read more »