Versace Pour Homme Review: Office-Ready

Versace Pour Homme Perfume Review

In the very opening, Versace Pour Homme Eau De Toilette offers very quick and fugacious aquatic notes, and then goes classic, amber-clean and laundry-detergent. There are citrus notes as well in the background (more present on the blotter though), and also a spice that makes it slightly powdery.   It feels quite classy, with a style that reminds of Ferrari Black (where the spice is a bit more aggressive), which is from 1999, whereas this one is from 2008. And […] Read more »

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Fragrance Review

The opening of For Him by Narciso Rodriguez is a boiling cauldron. It reminded me of Opium by YSL, not for the notes but for the warm life that emanates from them.   Someone would call it death though, and they wouldn’t be wrong. This Narciso Rodriguez is not for any him, the opening is strong enough to scare away the nose that is too comfortable with spicy clean masculine that “smell so good.”   For Him doesn’t, indeed it’s […] Read more »

David Beckham Instinct Cologne

Instinct perfume was, if Fragrantica is not wrong, the first fragrance for men by the Beckhams. Although unmistakeably fresh-aromatic, the opening is clean, as in clean-bed-sheet clean, with citrus notes that make it a bit more interesting than the average. And after that, there is the spicy phase, with peppery and also some green notes at some point, which even turned into clove for a very short while.   All in all however, the spices feel quite generic, the impression […] Read more »

Moschino Forever Fragrance Review

Forever By Moschino starts clean and citrus, like any good men’s cologne would do. If you’re looking for an aromatic fougere, the main reason why you would choose this is if the sales assistant sprays it on you before you have the chance to take a look at the other colognes in the same category.   But – and thankfully – there seems to be something else other than a mind-numbing conformity in this fragrance, and it comes in the […] Read more »

Green Irish Tweed By Creed Perfume For Men

Smelling classic doesn’t mean smelling cheap, right?. The basil in the top notes of Green Irish Tweed is quite natural, and soon mixes with florals. At some – very interesting – point, there is a turnover between sweet, floral and even sweet notes.  All of that in moderation and all masculine of course. The result is extremely clean stuff.   And then amber kicks in a little harder and, well I have to say it kind of took over and […] Read more »

Drakkar Noir Cologne Review

When they are built around the parallel with another fragrance, perfume reviews produce the result of cutting off all those readers who are guilty of not knowing the second term of comparison. Yet, I guess I’ll have to be the offender this time, by talking about Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men, and thinking of Cool Water by Davidoff as well.   I’m not – of course – discovering any affinity for the first time here: these two fragrances […] Read more »

Here is a citrusier version of the original Fuel For Life Homme, part of the Denim collection launched for summer 2011. The opening is – like the original – with cold anise and citrus, then  the additional soft floral notes of lavender make this Denim perfume clean and delicate and pretty much unisex for a good while. At least until the woods kick in, and they will be warmish and slightly sweet until the end.   It’s floral and fresh […] Read more »

Jo Malone Amber And Lavender Cologne Review

This Joe Malone perfume is more than it says on the bottle, and the extra bit is a fragrant clove, which took what would have otherwise been a very sophisticated shaving foam (lavender and amber are of unquestionable quality here, but they’re still amber and lavender…) and turned it it into a great  fragrance.   This perfume Jo Malone is transparent, light, bright and strong: it won’t hide its parts, on the contrary, it will make simplicity its strength. And […] Read more »