Issey Miyake l’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme: King Of Masculine Unisex

Issey Miyake l’Eau d’Issey Eau de Toilette For Men

I tried this Issey Miyake perfume for men twice before looking at the list of notes, and when I finally saw the sheer number of ingredients in it, I couldn’t but notice the contrast with how simple it felt under my nose.   L’Eau d’Issey for men is aquatic and floral to the core, with a light and pale sweetness in the background. The floral feels very natural, mainly soapy, but with also denser moments, which, along with musk, smudge […] Read more »

Versace The Dreamer

The Dreamer Versace  starts quite sober, with gentle, almost feminine florals, but with a dry note there, which gives a masculine touch.  As it evolves, the dryness reveals itself in a distinct note of amber. Again, think of this with a gentle touch. Think of Cool Water by Davidoff, but with a way less hairy chest, practically shaved. Amber came and went on my blotter, but the balance remained quite stable throughout, with the florals at times more powdery and […] Read more »

Kenzo Perfume for Men

Except that you should.   If  there are just so many ways in which a fresh fragrance for men can smell different. then Kenzo pour homme it’s still the ultimate one.   The cool thing about it is that, although there is no passage from top to medium notes, and it is fairly static in its development, there is so much stuff in it that it can become a guess game until you get bored: here’s what I picked: salty […] Read more »

Cool water perfume

Coolwater Davidoff perfume, to say it with Luca Turin’s words “belongs to the category of things done right the first time” (Perfumes: The A-Z Guide ).  In 2003 it was still at number 13 of the best sellers for men in the US (source The Perfect Scent: by Chandler Burr). Not too bad for a perfume created in 1988, huh?   The generous dose of lavender in the opening reminds me of the 4711 cologne that used to sit on my […] Read more »