Antidote Perfume Viktor Rolf Men Review: Women, Please, Wear It

antidote perfume review

I was wandering amidst the perfume shelves at Debenhams, after elegantly dodging a SA who wanted to spray some Dot by Marc Jacobs on me (I tried it already, I said, it’s very good, very much in the style of Marc Jacobs, do you like it? I asked. Yes, she said, it’s fruity floral, and walked off), but I was completely uninspired. Until I stumbled upon Antidote perfume by Viktor and Rolf.   Long story short: I smelled it and […] Read more »

Viktor Rolf Spicebomb Review

If you expected a flower bomb from Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, you’d be disappointed, but her brother will walk the talk.   Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf opens with citrus and minty notes, although the balsamic effect is probably a product of the bergamot with the spices. It won’t be long before the spicy bouquet comes out, with different facets spinning around: it’s dirty-peppery and powdery-old. Also, there’s a smell of burnt (not smoked, burnt), body odour, tobacco, leather, and a quite […] Read more »

Perfume Flowerbomb

“Everybody loves Flowerbomb,” said the sales assistant spraying it on test paper. Except that I hate Flowerbomb. But it’s not the perfume’s fault, rather the typical case of a particular memory associated to it. We all have at least one perfume like that, and if you still don’t, you will.   Flowerbomb Viktor Rolf has a tacky bottle and a cool name, which would be even cooler if this was actually an “explosion of flowers”, but it’s not. The bomb […] Read more »