Vera Wang Edt For Men Review: Mr Nice Guy

Vera Wang Cologne For Men Review By Vera Wang

Vera Wang for men Eau De Toilette could be the masculine version of Nina by Nina Ricci. It starts with distinct fruity notes, and spices make their entrance after a couple of minutes.   Although it’s clear that it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, I’m there begging fruits not to leave, as in that case Vera Wang Men would become like many other spicy-cleans out there. And they will indeed stay until the end. Spices are a little rough, […] Read more »

Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume Review

This is Vera Wang’s new fragrance Lovestruck (launched in 2011) and I feel rose in it. It’s rose with a coolant on top, with a texture that reminded me very much of Lola by Marc Jacobs. The thing is: there’s no rose in here, no rose in the notes, and no rose in any of the reviews I found.   So here I am, in one of those situations where I’m torn between humble (Rose? Really? Man, I suck at […] Read more »

Vera Wang perfume Princess

Vera Wang Princess is a delicate girl with the gift of vagueness. It has a lively world of emotions and ideas running underneath, and the fact that she’s incapable of expressing them clearly is exactly what makes her lovable.   From the very start there is a prelude to chocolate and it soon develops into a trio of floral + fruity + sweet, all wrapped in a powdery halo. The sweet side is indeed a mix of chocolate and vanilla […] Read more »