Thierry Mugler Womanity Review: Figs And Caviar For A Perfume Diet

Womanity From Thierry Mugler

Smelling a Thierry Mugler fragrance has never failed to be an experience so far, including this Womanity parfum. How to create again – 18 years after Angel and 5 after Alien (perfume review) – a fragrance that will help you decide in a second if you love it or hate it?   This  must have been the question, and  the answer is: figs and caviar, supported by fig tree wood in the end. Take a look at this video about […] Read more »

Alien Perfume By Thierry Mugler

Imagine a guy bringing a huge bunch of fresh, intense jasmines to his beloved to declare his love. He’s in front of her door, just about to press the bell button, when he spots a small puddle of mud. He kneels down and takes half a handful and drops it on the jasmines. “There! Now it’s just perfect!” he says, and rings the bell with a heart full of expectation.   Perfume Alien Thierry Mugler is like this. The thing […] Read more »

Angel Perfume Discontinued

Bold, bold, bold! This adjective has been used a lot for Angel perfume for women but I don’t mind joining the club and saying it again: bold!   Enjoy the jasmine of the beginning, then get yourself a spoon and a tissue and be ready for the ethyl maltol assault. That’s the molecule of cotton candy, blended with massive doses of patchouli. The result is a cloud of honey with a sprinkle of pepper on it.   And of course […] Read more »