Ralph Lauren Romance Review (Sorry… Was That Sexy?)

Ralph Lauren Romance Review

Probably the most famous perfume of the house, created in 1998 by Henry Fremont (CK One, Juicy Couture, Vera Wang Princess), Romance Perfume By Ralph Lauren opens with a distinct rose, and then it settles down to a green accord, which is signature note of this perfume, and gives, at least in the middle notes, and at least to me, an edible quality of juicy pear. It’s not that different in style from Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs.   […] Read more »

Polo Blue Sport Review

I should be ashamed to find that out just now that Polo by Ralph Lauren has so many flankers it’s almost ridiculous. So I was wandering through the isles of the perfume shop, wondering which one I should pick, and I went for this one: the brand new Polo Blue Sport.   And it was a bad choice. I can’t claim to know the others, but this one really doesn’t seem the most representative. It has the typical flat bottle […] Read more »