Luna Rossa By Prada: A Good Quality Bait

Luna Rossa Prada Fragrance Review

My expectations for this brand new Luna Rossa Prada cologne were reasonably high, for being a Prada fragrance, and reasonably low for being a bait for sport fans (Scuderia Ferrari, anyone?).   It opens boozy and then it forms an delicate subdued accord of soft flowers and lavender, balsamic and aromatic notes, and citrus as well. And of course you’ll get spices, which scratch and tingle a little, and can be felt at a short distance. It sort of reminds […] Read more »

Prada Perfumes

  With this Parfum Prada By Prada under the nose, Angel by Thierry Mugler comes easily to mind (here is a more detailed comparison between the two): although they’re not the same, they’re not light years apart either.   Just so you know from the start: this is a sweet one, where patchouli and vanilla-honey notes get together to create a thick sweet layer that won’t go unnoticed, even with a very light hand on the spray. There is of […] Read more »

Prada fragrance

This Prada Perfume For Men was a typical case where paper and skin gave two very different responses, two different experiences, so here are two different reviews of the same fragrance, without saying too much about which one was on paper and which one on the skin.   Let’s start with the one I liked the better. That was rich and complex, very hard to figure out a definite direction. The beginning was quite dynamic, and when all the notes […] Read more »

Prada Milano Infusion d’Iris Eau De Toilette

Not to be confused with the EdP from 2007 and with different notes, the EdT version of Prada Perfume Infusion d’Iris was created in 2010 by Daniela Andrier.   In the opening, which lasts for about 30 minutes, the signature floral note is wrapped in a slightly powdery and sweet layer. Nothing too old nor cloying here, it’s actually clean and gentle and reminds of baby talcum rather than ultra-feminine stuff.   It almost flirts with unisex in this first […] Read more »